Egg Donor Profile Photos: Choosing the Right Pictures

Egg Donor Profile Photos: Choosing the Right Pictures

So, you’ve received an email after completing your egg donor profile and it’s been accepted as part of the Circle Surrogacy’s egg donation process. Now you need to gather a collection of photos to create an online profile that reflects not just your appearance, but ideally your personality, too.

Why are you asked for photos? One of the common questions we hear from intended parents (IPs) is, “Can I see a picture of my egg donor?” In addition to your written application responses, your photos are what IPs review when looking for an egg donor.

What Photos Should an Egg Donor Choose?

Many IPs are looking for egg donors with physical attributes similar to their own. Therefore, your selection of pictures should be carefully chosen to best reflect what you look like and how you would like to be perceived. It is helpful to include family photos, photos of you when younger (baby/childhood photos), as well as more recent photos.

Photos that best feature your personality and/or interests are ideal. Please note, it’s possible that a reverse image search could reveal your identity if you send in photos associated with your social media accounts. If there are people in the photo with you, please specify who the other people are. Please make sure to email at least eight (8) photos.

With the nature of social media, chances are you have hundreds of pictures to choose from, and you may be overwhelmed by the task of choosing from such a large pool. To help guide you, here are some examples of the types of photos that IPs may likely be more drawn to over others.

What’s the Best Lighting for Photos?

Natural, outdoor lighting is best. Try to avoid low lighting, or fluorescent lighting, which makes it hard for intended parents to get a sense of your true skin tone, or your beautiful eye color. It’s best to keep the sunglasses off too – we want to see your face!

Egg donor smiling

What Setting Should You Choose?

At least one full-length picture is required. Try to find one of you on your own, without a bunch of other people in the background, somewhere outdoors and not too far away. Bonus points if you’re somewhere doing something that you enjoy, which gives intended parents a good idea of what you like to do in your free time.

Show Your Character Without Goofing Off

Exhibiting a little of what makes you, you is a great idea, but not taking your profile seriously could be a turn-off for some IPs. Give IPs a good sense of your style and personality, but keep the joking to a minimum.

Here’s a great example of an egg donor enjoying the outside, and showcasing her love of animals!

Amara, egg donor sitting on rock at beach with dog

What Angles Are Best for Photos?

Straight on, or flattering eye-level shots are optimal—ask a friend to help! While it’s easy to take a selfie while in the driver’s seat of your car, we’ve found those photos aren’t the best for your egg donor photos (inconsistent angles, low lighting).

Nia, Egg Donor sitting and smiling

What Types of Poses Are Best?

Your best bet is to choose a picture where you’re standing or sitting up straight, smiling naturally and looking at the camera. Intended parents want to know what you really look like, not what it looks like when you’re trying for your best Instagram selfie on your way to the club.

Hannah standing and smiling

Some Photo Tips From the ‘Pros’

  • Avoid selfies and photos taken in mirrors.
  • IPs want to see you in different settings and in different clothing.
  • Use your pictures to back up your written responses and describe who you are— IPs want to feel like they are meeting you!
  • Include a professional headshot if you have one.
  • Makeup: One or two pictures with makeup is fine, but be careful not to go overboard. IPs want to see your natural beauty.
  • Imagine you are showing these pictures to the admissions staff at your dream school or in an interview at your dream job. Share what you think reflects you in your best light both physically and in terms of character representation.
  • Last but not least, SMILE!

Egg donation is tremendously rewarding, and it starts with just a simple application. Have you started your egg donor application yet?