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Heterosexual Intended Parents

Parenthood Through Surrogacy

Heterosexual individuals and couples may choose using a surrogate for family building for a variety of reasons. Whatever brings you to surrogacy, our experienced and passionate team will help inform you of the process and provide a higher level of service and support. Our deep understanding of your emotional and logistical needs, decades of experience and personal passion make Circle the best full-service surrogacy agency choice for parents.

Why Parents Build Their Families Through Surrogacy

Intended parents come to surrogacy as a family-building option for a variety of reasons, some of them being:


Medical diagnosis, such as cancer

A genetic defect or health condition they do not want to pass onto the child

For the reasons above – among others – you may not be able to have a healthy pregnancy and carry a baby to term, and therefore require a gestational surrogate to care for and carry your baby until delivery. 


For heterosexual individuals or couples, your own eggs and sperm – or donor eggs and/or sperm – are used to create embryos. When these embryos reach the right level of growth, they are transferred into your gestational surrogate’s uterus, a milestone known as the embryo transfer.

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Circle’s program offerings include:


Surrogacy with egg donation

Sibling surrogacy journeys

Surrogacy with a friend

Learn more about the different types of surrogacy programs available for intended parents.

Intended Parent Requirements

A surrogacy journey is an emotional, mental and financial commitment for you. Requirements are put in place for parents to help determine if surrogacy is the right fit.

As an Intended Parent, you should meet these basic requirements:

Have a medical need for surrogacy such as a history of infertility diagnosed by a doctor, or a medical diagnosis, such as cancer (Circle does not support surrogacy as a lifestyle choice, also known as "social surrogacy")

Have a strong support system in place. In addition to your partner (if you have one), having others in your family/friends circle who know about your journey and support you

Meet agency guidelines for parents, including age requirements and openness to a relationship with your surrogate

These requirements are meant to be guidelines to help you determine if you qualify for surrogacy and would be a good fit for our program. There is no one-size-fits-all surrogacy program. Circle has cultivated programs to help as many individuals and couples as possible, with programs customized to their specific needs.

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Finding an Egg Donor

If you require an egg donor for your surrogacy journey, Circle will guide you in beginning that process. 

We recommend starting your search with Everie Egg Donation Program. Everie is a partner with Circle Surrogacy, and is the most comprehensive fresh and frozen egg donor program. Everie supports thoughtful decision-making for egg donation, including disclosed (known) donations and mutual matching between parents and donors. You can search their extensive database and learn about their programs.

Should you select an egg donor with Everie and you have selected Circle as your surrogacy agency, your Circle coordination team will be your support system on both your egg donation and surrogacy journeys. Circle offers cost programs that include both surrogacy and egg donation with Everie.

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