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These intended parents are looking for a surrogate match

We work with intended parents from across the U.S. and around the world, who come from all different backgrounds. Right now, Circle Surrogacy has amazing intended parents who are waiting to match with their ideal surrogate....will that be you? Learn more about our intended parents who are ready for matching below!​

Scott and Karlie posing with dog

Scott and Karlie from the Northeast

Scott and Karlie – and their Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Sunnie – are ready to grow their family. Scott and Karlie met over eight years ago at work, and were married in 2018. They enjoy staying physically active and traveling, and love to eat great food and learn things from other people and cultures.

Scott and Karlie are looking to surrogacy, after suffering the loss of their beautiful baby boy at only three months old. After the passing of their son, the couple started an IVF journey, but suffered a miscarriage and multiple failed transfers. They are starting surrogacy, and looking for the woman who will partner with them on their journey.

Scott works in finance, and Karlie is attending grad school for her Master's in Social Work, she plans to focus on family palliative care and bereavement resources for infant and young child loss. The couple is excited to find their surrogate match and begin their journey.

Omar and James from California

Omar and James from California

Omar and James met in 2020, smack in the middle of the pandemic. On their first date they strolled the hills of San Francisco, so naturally they also got engaged on a hill overlooking the Golden Gate bridge! They love staying active by going on hikes and mountain biking, but they also enjoy lounging by the beach and pool and traveling to new places (they describe themselves as “perennial sun chasers”).

Omar and James are looking to surrogacy to expand their family. To them, family is the ultimate blessing in life and they’re eternally grateful that blessing continues to grow. They hope to foster a precious connection with their surrogate they’ll cherish for the rest of their lives. Their two values revolve around kindness and harmony, and they hope to raise their children with parallel values.

Omar works as a product manager for Google, and James works as an accountant for Lyft. They’re excited to be on this journey and find their surrogate match!

Alex and Brian from Massachusetts

Alex and Brian from Massachusetts

Alex and Brian are so excited to be pursuing their journey to parenthood with Circle. The couple first met in 2013. They have a special tie to surrogacy – and Circle in particular, as Brian was working for the company when their relationship began. He was drawn to the company’s mission to connect intended parents with the amazing women who help them fulfill their dreams of parenthood. Over the years, the two gained a sincere appreciation for the joy and beauty of the surrogacy process.

The couple moved to Chicago and then back to Massachusetts and were married in Maine in 2021. They are doting dog-parents to their beloved four-year-old rescue dog, Roscoe, and uncles to their three nieces (with another niece and nephew on the way). Their families are the most important things to them in their lives and they are fortunate enough to live close to parents and siblings. The couple is so excited to now be on the journey to becoming parents themselves, and they cannot wait to meet their surrogate who will help them fulfill this lifelong dream.

Joe and Bruce from New York

Joe and Bruce from New York

Ever since Joe and Bruce met over a decade ago, they knew they wanted to be parents. Married in 2019, Joe and Bruce live in New York City, and both work in Advertising and Marketing. Bruce describes Joe as kind and genuine, and says Joe’s unique combination of honesty, empathy and earnestness would make for a terrific father. Joe describes Bruce as smart, responsible and caring. They love spending time with their close-knit families, and practice their parenting skills on their nieces and nephews (8 in total!). Bruce and Joe can’t wait for pancake breakfasts on Saturday mornings followed by afternoons in the park. They are excited to meet the wonderful woman who will help them become parents.

Euell and Andrew

Euell and Andrew from the California Bay Area

Euell and Andrew have been together for eleven years and married for one. They have talked about children since day one, and are hoping to make their family finally complete after finding a match.


They met through friends, and were close friends for a year before dating. Andrew proposed five years later by compiling one second video clips of every day of the year. The clips created sentences one word per day, eventually asking "will" "you" "merry" "me". ("Merry", because Andrew tricked Euell to be part of his own proposal since it was Christmas time.) They finally got married in Hawai'i surrounded by loved ones.


Euell is an engineer and Andrew is a scientist. They approach the world with campsite rules - leave it better than you found it. In their free time they love to travel around the world, or nest at home by cooking, hanging out with friends+family, playing nerdy board games, and making as many memories with their niece and nephews as possible.


They built their lives with a strong community at home, and sought out different perspectives living and traveling abroad. This journey has made them adaptable and compassionate as a couple, and they hope to raise the next generation with this spirit!

These intended parents' stories are real people who are excited about their journey to parenthood. If you are interested in helping one of the IPs below – or someone else who is waiting to match – please click the "apply now" button to fill out our surrogate application.

O & Y from Texas

O & Y from Texas

O and Y met six years ago in Austin, Texas, and split their time as a married couple between a farm overseas – where Y is originally from – and their home near Houston, Texas. O grew up in Connecticut and worked as an educator before meeting Y, who used to work in IT and the oil industry in Houston before pursuing his love of farming. Although they have added many animals to their family, including goats, sheep, chickens, horses, and cows, they have not been able to have children on their own.

O has medical conditions, including pelvic stents and a history of deep vein thrombosis and pulmonary embolisms, that make carrying a pregnancy highly risky to her and a baby. After O experienced a miscarriage and five years of unexplained secondary infertility, she and Y were advised by their IVF doctor to pursue surrogacy as the safest way for them to start a family. O and Y are hopeful that after finding the right person to embark on the journey of surrogacy with them, they will one day share in the joy of having children. For a surrogate to help them in this way, they would be immensely grateful.

Lauren and Zach from New Jersey

Lauren and Zach from New Jersey

Lauren and Zach have been together for 13 years and married for 5. Lauren was born with a heart defect – though now fixed – would make carrying a pregnancy unsafe for her and baby. They are hoping to start their family after finding a surrogate match.

They met on the first day of college at Bloomsburg University and were quick to become friends. They started to date, got engaged a few years later and then married in a beautiful outside ceremony surrounded by their close friends and family.

Lauren is an elementary special education teacher who loves working with her students. Zach is project manager for a pharmaceutical company and enjoys working from home. They have a playful and sweet 4-year-old golden doodle dog, who they trained as a therapy dog and visits at nursing homes and schools for therapy events. In their free time they love traveling, being outdoors, planting in their backyard garden, playing sports or games, painting and spend time with their families.

They are so grateful and excited for the opportunity to match with a potential surrogate and are hoping to find the right woman who can help grow their family and be a part o their journey to parenthood!

Robby and Sahand from LA

Robby and Sahand from LA

Robby and Sahand grew up on opposite sides of the US, but their interest in food, traveling, and goals brought them together. What bonds them is their shared values as a couple. Both were lucky to grow up in a very loving family where they were raised to have a strong sense of familial commitment, to love and respect everyone, and to be loyal. They wake up every day motivated to work hard so they can raise a family of their own. Some don’t believe in luck, but they always say how they hit the lottery in finding one another and can’t wait to add a child to their fortune.

As an LGBT couple, one of their biggest fears was not being able to create a family of their own. In some ways it seemed impossible. While exploring adoption as an option, they realized that having a biological child was important to them. When they learned more about surrogacy, they were struck by the kindness of others: kind enough not just to carry their child, but willing to help make their dream of having a family come true.

Laura and Brenan from Massachusetts

Laura and Brendan from Massachusetts

Laura and Brendan have been married for three years. They met while singing karaoke at a Memorial Day party with mutual friends. Brendan is a Real Estate attorney and Laura is a Senior Marketing Operations Manager. They are lucky to have an amazing fur-baby, Rudy, a 75lb. Bernedoodle, whom they like to call their gentle giant. She is so gentle in fact, she freezes at the sight of baby bunnies or even sometimes her own shadow.

Shortly after they were married, Laura was diagnosed with Synovial Sarcoma, a rare soft tissue cancer. After a very difficult few years of battling through grueling treatments and surgeries, unfortunately she was no longer able to have children naturally. Luckily, her extremely dedicated care team and doctors were able to coordinate an egg retrieval and embryo creation prior to Laura beginning Chemo and they both feel extremely grateful to have embryos awaiting them.

They love to travel, take Rudy on walks in the woods and find hidden gem restaurants in their community. To unwind after work, Laura enjoys cooking while Brendan plays his guitar. Both are passionate about donating time and energy to better their community. Laura joins several YAC Support groups to help patients like herself cope with serious diagnoses such as cancer, and Brendan regularly volunteers at the local food donation center.

Both Laura and Brendan are from large loving families, and both have always wanted to become parents. They cannot wait to find their surrogate match, who will help them to grow their loving family.

Angelo and Jeremy from Northern Europe

Angelo and Jérémy from Northern Europe

Angelo and Jérémy have been together for 15 years and would like to create a family. They are a French-Dutch couple who live in Northern Europe. Angelo, originally Italian, is a nurse and Jérémy works in the field of urban planning. Their personalities complement each other: Angelo loves cooking and astrology while Jérémy loves cycling and vintage cars. They live in a very enriching, multicultural environment. They are ready to start their family, so they can share their values of benevolence, tolerance and open-mindedness. It's a very exciting next step in their relationship! Angelo and Jérémy plan to marry after the birth of their baby.

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