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Surrogacy by State

The Ultimate Guide to Surrogacy in Nebraska

If you're intended parents with dreams of growing your family through surrogacy, or a young woman considering becoming a surrogate mother, starting the process can be exciting but a little daunting. As one of the most experienced surrogacy agencies in the U.S., Circle Surrogacy can help you navigate surrogacy in Omaha, Lincoln, Bellevue, or any other Nebraska community. We help intended parents find surrogates and guide women through the process of becoming surrogate mothers.

An Overview of Surrogacy in Nebraska

Based on Nebraska state laws, surrogacy contracts are "illegal." For this reason, Circle is not able to work with gestational surrogates from Nebraska. However, if you want to pursue surrogacy as an intended parent within the state, we can match you with a gestational surrogate from surrounding states with more favorable surrogacy laws. We work with surrogate mothers in 47 states throughout the US.

Couples and individuals from a variety of backgrounds, ages, and sexual orientations use surrogacy to build their families, with each unique journey.

Intended parents in Nebraska we work with may be:

Heterosexual couples who have struggled with infertility

Intended mothers who are unable to carry a child

Intended parents who have a genetic defect or health condition they don't want to pass onto the child

LGBTQ+ intended parents who want to have a genetic link to their baby

This page is an excellent resource for people considering surrogacy in Nebraska to learn more about what the state's surrogacy process involves, how to become parents, and what surrogacy costs.

Surrogacy in Nebraska for Intended Parents

Surrogacy and egg donation have been helping straight and LGBTQ+ singles and couples in Nebraska grow their families for decades. Intended parents are able to safely become parents in Nebraska.

Below you'll find information about surrogacy in Nebraska, including what the surrogacy process looks like, how much surrogacy costs in Nebraska, how to find a surrogate or egg donor, and so much more. The process can feel overwhelming at first, but the more you read and research, the more familiar it will become to you. Many professionals are involved in a surrogacy journey, and it is a life-changing experience.

We're ready to help intended parents from Omaha, Lincoln, Bellevue or any other Nebraska community. Read on to learn more about becoming a parent through surrogacy.

The Surrogacy Process in Nebraska

A surrogacy journey involves several milestones that lead to delivery day. Understanding and preparing for each of these steps is an important part of the process, whether you are an intended parent or a surrogate mother.

Choosing to pursue surrogacy independently—without the assistance of a surrogacy agency—is an option available to anyone. That said, working with an agency such as Circle Surrogacy, which has over 25 years of experience, helps you navigate the milestones and events throughout your journey. This enables you to concentrate on getting ready for your baby's arrival.

  • If you do decide to work with an agency, it's important to research your options. Some agencies may fit better with your specific needs and outlook. Choose one where you sense good chemistry, and which shares your views about the surrogacy process. It’s important to work with an agency whose lawyers are knowledgeable in ART (Assisted Reproductive Technology) and surrogacy laws, not just in Nebraska but in the state where your gestational surrogate resides.

  • Finding the right surrogate match assisted by our Matching Team is an exciting time during your journey. We’ll get to know you and your preferences for a match and work to find the woman who most closely fits your personality and legal and geographical requirements. The relationship between intended parents and their surrogates is so unique, that finding the right match is an important first step.

  • An egg donor is a young, fertile woman who donates her eggs to enable another individual or couple to create embryos to build them family. Once embryos are created, an embryo transfer will take place into either the intended parent’s or gestational surrogate’s uterus to carry the baby. Egg donation is beautiful path to parenthood.


    If you require an egg donor for your surrogacy journey, Circle recommends starting your search for an egg donor with our partner, Everie Egg Donation Program, who offers both fresh and frozen egg donor programs. Everie supports thoughtful decision-making for egg donation, including disclosed (known) donations and mutual matching between parents and donors. You can search their extensive database and learn about their programs. Many intended parents will search for a donor and create their embryos either coming to surrogacy or while they are waiting for a surrogate match.


    If you select an egg donor with Everie and have selected Circle as your surrogacy agency, your Circle Surrogacy coordination team will be your support system during your egg donation and surrogacy journeys, giving you full support with one experienced team.

  • Developing a close relationship with your surrogate during pregnancy is an important part of the process. You may even be able to visit for her appointments if she lives close to you. Our agency supports you through each milestone, helping you prepare to travel for the birth and ensuring you have everything you need to return home safely.

Starting the Surrogacy Process

You've decided that you'd like to grow your family through surrogacy (hooray!), and you've selected an agency with whom you'd like to meet. What's next? Scheduling a consultation is the first step. It's important to meet with the agencies you're considering so you can share your story, ask questions, and see if the agency team is a good fit for your journey.

Circle Surrogacy offers complimentary consultations for intended parents who are emotionally and financially ready to begin a surrogacy journey within the next 12 months. These private consultations educate intended parents on the surrogacy process, surrogacy costs, and how to find and match with a surrogate mother.

We offer both in-person meetings and free consultations via Skype or Zoom. If you're not ready for a full consultation but would like more information, you can schedule a short pre-consultation, which lasts about 30 minutes and is a great way to ask questions and learn more.

Becoming a Parent in Nebraska

One of the most joyous moments you'll experience is welcoming a baby into your family. In Nebraska, becoming a parent through surrogacy is a safe, streamlined process when working with an agency such as Circle Surrogacy. You can grow your family through surrogacy and/or egg donation.

We know that one of the first questions intended parents ask is how much surrogacy costs. Our comprehensive cost sheets outline the surrogacy costs you should expect in a typical surrogacy journey.

How Much Does Surrogacy Cost in Nebraska?

We can help you understand the surrogacy programs available, the cost of surrogacy, and how much you can expect to pay for egg donation. Circle Surrogacy is transparent in its surrogacy options, costs, and what you can expect along your journey.

Circle Surrogacy offers an all-inclusive cost program: our Journey Protection Guarantee Program.

Journey Protection Guarantee Program surrogacy costs in Nebraska:

Surrogacy only: $157,750

Our Journey Protection Guarantee offers Intended Parents:

An all-inclusive program that covers all Surrogate fees and expenses for unlimited transfers and any complications that may arise during your journey

No surprise costs or invoices, even in scenarios that require a rematch with a new Surrogate

Circle's costs include all agency fees, attorneys’ fees, screening and surrogate fees, and insurance costs. They do not include IVF costs.

Some intended parents may require an egg donor to build their family. Circle’s partner, Everie, offers the most comprehensive fresh and frozen known egg donor program, and a database filled with hundreds of bright, young women. If you choose a donor (or frozen eggs) with Everie, you will receive special pricing on your surrogacy plus egg donation journey with Circle.


Journey Protection Guarantee surrogacy plus egg donation costs with our partner Everie:


Surrogacy plus fresh egg donation: $190,450 (cost excludes IVF)

Surrogacy plus 1 cohort of eggs: $185,700 (cost excludes IVF)

Additional costs available for guaranteed embryo program and multiple cohorts of frozen eggs. Inquire with our Parent Intake team.

The costs outlined above are for our Surrogacy Only and Surrogacy Plus Egg Donation Programs. For more information about the costs of our other programs, please email us or call us at 617.439.9900.

Financing Surrogacy Costs

Some intended parents may have the opportunity to qualify for financing for their journey. Please speak with our Parent Intake Team or Consultation Team or fill out this form.

Finding a Surrogate in Nebraska

An exciting milestone in your journey to parenthood is matching with a surrogate. We work with gestational surrogates from throughout the U.S. including states surrounding Nebraska.

How We Match Parents and Surrogates

If you choose to work with Circle Surrogacy, we ask intended parents to fill out a profile that help us get to know them better and find appropriate surrogate matches.

The information we ask for in the profile includes your:

Relationship (if you have a partner)


Hobbies and activities

Plans for parenthood

Reasons for pursuing surrogacy

Sharing photos of yourself, your loved ones, and anything else that gives a good sense of who you are as people also helps us find the best possible surrogate matches.

Your Circle Matching Team uses your answers—as well as your geographic location and views on termination— to find you the best possible surrogate match, so it's important to be honest when thinking about how you answer these questions. That's a key element of finding the best surrogate match for you.

Other preferences expressed by intended parents used when matching with your gestational carrier include:

Desired level of communication with their surrogate during the journey

Location of the surrogate mother

Number of embryos to transfer

Views on selective reduction and termination

You can use these criteria as guidelines as to what you should look for in a suitable match if you choose to pursue surrogacy without the assistance of an agency.

Asset 9002f.png

Appropriate Legal Fit

Our legal department always ensures potential gestational carriers meet both general and state-specific legal criteria before surrogate profiles are presented to intended parents.

Personality Fit and Surrogacy Expectations

We want both surrogates and intended parents to have a comfortable relationship throughout the journey, which is why your Matching team reviews the list of safe matches provided by the legal team to ensure good personality fits.

Expectations Surrounding Termination and Selective Reduction

In our experience, intended parents often prefer to make the choice regarding termination. It's important that surrogates and intended parents share similar views about the termination of a pregnancy if a situation develops in which a reduction or termination is considered.

3 Criteria for Finding Surrogate Mothers

Keep these 3 factors in mind as you think about your surrogate match:

Surrogacy Laws in Nebraska

As mentioned earlier, surrogate mothers living in Nebraska can’t be compensated, as the state prohibits these contracts. Furthermore, state law considers any agreement a woman makes to act as a surrogate and then relinquish parental or custodial rights to the child to be void and unenforceable. However, intended parents are free to pursue surrogacy to grow their families in Nebraska. Circle Surrogacy matches intended parents in Nebraska with gestational surrogates who live in states with favorable surrogacy laws so intended parents can enjoy a safe and secure surrogacy, so it’s even more important to have an agency such as Circle Surrogacy help you navigate that process. That way, everyone involved in your surrogacy journey is protected and has an advocate.

Surrogacy in Nebraska for Surrogates

Due to state laws, Circle Surrogacy is unable to work with women living in Nebraska who wish to become surrogate mothers at this time.

Surrogacy laws are constantly changing, so please continue to check back regularly.

Getting Started

Whether you are intended parents or interested in becoming a surrogate, the surrogacy process can be one of the most rewarding experiences of your life.  Learning more about surrogacy is the first step of your journey.

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