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Becoming a Parent Through Surrogacy

Surrogacy is a meaningful way to build your family. Our experienced team, full-service approach, all-inclusive surrogacy cost program and a success rate of 99.3% for intended parents bringing home a baby make us the best agency choice for parents.

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We’re Here to Support You on Your Parenthood Journey

We believe growing a family is one of life’s most transformational and extraordinary experiences. Whether you are just starting on the road to building your family, or you’re exploring surrogacy after infertility challenges, we’re committed to supporting you at each step, guiding you through any bumps in the road and sharing our expertise and passion until you have your baby in your arms. 


As the most successful surrogacy agency with a 99.3% guaranteed success rate for bringing home a baby, our surrogacy clinics and knowledgeable staff provide the space and guidance you need for a smooth and successful journey.


We're a full-service surrogacy agency, which means we have all surrogacy services under one roof, including journey coordination, legal and accounting support, and assistance getting you and your baby home.

Our Team Has Personal Experience With Surrogacy and IVF

Because many of us on the Circle Surrogacy team have gone through gestational surrogacy and egg donation ourselves, we know all about the processes and the physical and emotional impacts of each. That's why, from the moment you choose us as your partner to your trip home with your baby, we're there to support, guide and help you in any and every way we can.


In fact, about 44% of our staff has been a surrogate, intended parent or egg donor, or has grown their families through IVF or adoption. We've been in your shoes, and because of that, we're able to relate to your story and design our surrogacy programs around real-life experiences.

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Intended Parent Requirements for Surrogacy

A surrogacy journey is a monumental emotional, mental and financial commitment for intended parents. To help determine if surrogacy is the right fit, there are requirements put in place against which you’ll be evaluated.


Intended Parents should meet these basic requirements:

Have a medical need for surrogacy (Circle does not support surrogacy as a lifestyle choice, also known as "social surrogacy")

Such as a history of cancer or infertility (diagnosed by doctor)

Have a strong support system in place

In addition to your partner (if you have one), having others in your family/friends circle who know about your journey and support you

Meet agency guidelines for parents

Includes age requirements and openness to a relationship with your surrogate

These requirements are meant to be guidelines to help you determine if you qualify for surrogacy and would be a good fit for our program.


If you meet the requirements above, we’d love to speak with you. Apply now to be connected to our team.

Surrogacy Costs: One All-Inclusive Program

Circle Surrogacy is the leading surrogacy agency because we always put our Intended Parents’ needs first. Circle Surrogacy offers one all-inclusive cost program that provides the most financial security and protection for intended parents compared to any other surrogacy agency.

Journey Protection Guarantee surrogacy costs:

Surrogacy only: $157,750 (excludes IVF)

Journey Protection Guarantee surrogacy plus egg donation costs with our partner Everie:

Surrogacy plus fresh egg donation: $190,450 (excludes IVF)

Surrogacy plus purchase of 1 cohort of eggs: $185,700 (excludes IVF)

Our Journey Protection Guarantee offers you:

An all-inclusive program that covers all Surrogate fees and expenses for unlimited transfers and any complications that may arise during your journey

Costs spread across 2 predictable payments to help you plan financially

No surprise costs or invoices, even in scenarios that require a rematch with a new Surrogate

"We are grateful to have chosen Circle. You were so unbelievably professional the entire time, and smoothed out every detail. You’re running a wonderful, competent and trustworthy organization, and we could not be more appreciative. Thank you for all that you do, and for helping us bring our family from potential to reality!"

Two Grateful Parents

"Having gone through the surrogacy journey twice, with two different surrogacy agencies, Circle Surrogacy surpassed our wildest expectations. Their staff was attentive, responsive, and so sincere...One of the best things we enjoyed about Circle was their Fixed Cost Program, which allowed us to make one financial transfer. That alone alleviated so much stress and confusion. I can't recommend this agency enough for all LGBTQ folks!"

Happy New Dads

"We are so thankful that we found Circle as this has been the BEST experience ever! You all have done an amazing job from start to finish and we are so grateful for everything you guys have helped us with during our journey. I sensed that you genuinely cared about us and loved how available you were when I needed to chat. We will absolutely recommend Circle to anyone in need of your services."

Katie and Anthony

Testimonials From Intended Parents Who Partnered With Circle

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Ready to Become a Parent Through Surrogacy?

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