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Surrogate Benefits & Perks

When you become a surrogate with us, you can expect services and resources without sacrificing that small agency feel. Our commitment to you, your family and your journey does not stop with your base compensation. In fact, you will receive additional benefits and perks along the way. 

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Paid Life Insurance

While a surrogate pregnancy has similar risks to your previous pregnancies, your intended parents will still purchase a life insurance policy to guarantee your family will be protected should anything happen to you during the surrogacy. 

Surprise Gifts Along the Way

This might take the surprise out of surprise gifts, but you can expect little tokens of appreciation throughout your surrogacy. These might include gifts to use while pregnant or gifts to simply enjoy for yourself.

Private Social Surrogate Community

Because so many of us here at Circle understand firsthand that bringing a baby into the world through surrogacy is both a special and complex experience, we make sure you have access to a welcoming and active online community of fellow surrogates. This community of shared experiences and information can be invaluable to you on your journey. Filled with birth stories, advice, words of encouragement and even connecting with women who live near you to meet in real life, having this additional support system is just another added bonus to your surrogacy experience with Circle.

Surrogate Support Groups

We are always listening to our surrogates. Developed from ideas shared with us by surrogates like you, we host support groups on a variety of topics, allowing you to get together with other surrogates to chat, ask questions and connect.

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