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Matching with a Surrogate

How Intended Parents and Surrogates Are Matched

Circle has successfully matched hundreds of intended parents and surrogates since 1995. We understand what makes up a healthy parent-surrogate relationship, and we use our expertise and personal experience to foster each and every match. Our team will get to know you, your hopes and preferences in your surrogate and journey to find the right match.

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How To Find a Surrogate

At Circle, our Matching Specialists work closely with you to ensure we find you the best possible surrogate match. Because of this, our intended parents and surrogates go on to develop strong bonds during – and after – their journey.

Your Matching Specialist

From your first meeting with Circle, we will ask you how you imagine your surrogacy journey. When you are introduced to our Matching Specialists, they will continue to get to know you and ask you to complete a parent profile. Answering these questions helps our team find you the best surrogate match for your journey. We have decades of experience putting intended parents and surrogates together who form deep bonds throughout the surrogacy and beyond.

Our Surrogacy Experts Are With You Every Step of the Way

The matching process is one that may bring up feelings of apprehension and nervousness. With our guidance, we hope that you can feel excitement at the prospect of being matched for this extraordinary experience. At Circle, our team finds meaningful matches for you, specifically; meaning matches are hand-selected based on the preferences of both parties, plus additional criteria such as location and legal fit. Our rigorous screening process ensures the best surrogate options are available to you.

Watch Mandi and Nicola's sweet surrogacy story and see how strong the relationship between surrogate and an intended parent can be.

Surrogate Matching Considerations

When gestational surrogates and intended parents begin working with Circle, we’ll ask them questions to help our team find the best possible match. Matching specialists will support intended parents while Surrogate Advisors guide surrogates through the process.

Circle will ask intended parents and surrogates their preferences on the following:

Level of communication they desire with each other during and after the surrogacy

Location (intended parents can share a preference for state/area of the country, while surrogates can share a preference for IPs in the U.S. or living internationally)

Number of embryos to transfer (single embryo or multiple embryo)

Views on selective reduction and termination

Parents with newborn and surrogate

Finding The Right Surrogate Match

While our Matching Specialists do a phenomenal job of matching parents and surrogates, there are times when we’ll share a match that doesn’t feel right. Giving honest feedback on why you are saying no to a match will help us get it right the second time.

The criteria you use to determine a good match is personal to you and can include:

Some parents look to hear why a surrogate has applied to do a surrogacy journey

Some gestational carriers like to hear the intended parents' story – how they met, and why they are interested in growing their family

Other times, it's a gut feeling that it's "right"

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"When we started our video call to get to know the intended parents I connected with them instantly and just knew immediately that I wanted to help them!"

Shared by a Surrogate

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Take The First Step

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