Egg Donor Appreciation at Circle Surrogacy and Egg Donation

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At Circle Surrogacy and Egg Donation, we have so much to be grateful for. From Boston to San Francisco and around the world, we have the world’s best intended parents, surrogates, and egg donors. We do our best to show appreciation for all of the members of our Circle family throughout the year but want to spend a little time highlighting the incredible gift that an egg donor provides to the families she helps create.

We’ve had the great pleasure of being able to interview an intended father and his Circle egg donor to learn more about their journey and what brought them both to egg donation. We’ve also spoken with many of our current and past donors to learn more about the highlights of their experiences. Becoming an egg donor is an amazing experience that not only provides a sense of personal purpose but also provides the ultimate gift to someone looking to grow their family.

We recently chatted with a Circle intended father and his egg donor to learn more about what brought them to egg donation and how they have developed their relationship throughout the process. The intended father and egg donor are both excited to share their stories and provide insight into how the process can change lives.

To open the conversation, we were most curious about what brought each of our guests to our egg donation agency and why they decided to move forward.

Why did you want to donate your eggs?

My mom struggled with infertility later in life and had to undergo IVF to conceive 2 of my siblings. After becoming a parent myself, I realized what a blessing motherhood was to me, and I wanted to be able to help make parenthood possible for another family.” -Circle Egg Donor

What brought you to egg donation to build your family?

“I’m a single man, egg donation was the only way for me to start a family.” – Circle Intended Father

Were there any characteristics you were hoping for in the intended parent(s) who wanted to match with you? What type of family were you hoping to help?

I was open to helping any type of family. As much that goes into being a donor, there’s even more that goes into being a parent through Circle. So I was confident that any family presented to me was deserving of my help and ready for the journey ahead.” – Circle Egg Donor

What was it like choosing a donor? What characteristics were you looking for?

I was basically looking for a woman who resembles women I usually date! Chemistry is an important part of this journey for me.” – Circle Intended Father

How did you know that your IP(s)/Donor were “the one”?

As a donor, it’s extremely flattering when someone chooses you—period. And when we met via Skype, we were both comfortable and had the same expectations.” – Circle Egg Donor

As I said before, chemistry is the most important part for me when it comes to “choosing” an egg donor! I didn’t do a lot of research, I scrolled through the egg donor database, and there was literally just one donor that really spoke to me. She ended up being my donor. When I read her profile I was entirely sure she’s the one, and after we had our introductory Skype call I knew it was the best decision to ask her to be my donor.” – Circle Intended Father

Why did you choose Known Egg Donation?

I loved the idea of knowing who I was helping and what kind of family these children might be growing up in.” – Circle Egg Donor

I’ve chosen known egg donation because I wanted to be able to talk to the woman who is the genetic mother of my future children, I wanted to be entirely sure to make the right decision. It was important for me that she’s open to be contacted by my children and meet with them one day, in case they decide they want to! Meeting my donor for the first time was funny, because I’ve waited for this Skype call for months (she was in cycle before), expected it later, and had a cold and a hoarse voice. Her son didn’t feel too well this day too, so we started from there. We were laughing a lot, meeting her via Skype exceeded all expectations, I think it was a great advantage that we had to improvise due to the circumstances. I feel very honored that she’s chosen to contribute to my journey!” – Circle Intended Father

What type of communication did you have with one another through the process? Do you have communication now?

I hear from my IP regularly. He is very intentional about emailing me updates. We live on different continents, in different time zones, but we still find ways to connect. I can tell how excited he is to be a dad. I already know the name he picked out for his little boy who is due in the fall. I am so appreciative to him that he updates me, it makes the sacrifices I made as a donor worth it in tenfold.” – Circle Egg Donor

We Skyped and now we email. Both of us lead busy lives,  but we communicate the major milestones, and check in on each other!” – Circle Intended Father

If someone was considering becoming an egg donor but was unsure, what would you say to her?

I would say that if your heart is in it, you should pursue it. Do the research, speak to other like-minded people, ask questions, and weigh the risks. There are more reasons to donate than to not. If you feel led to help others in their pursuit to becoming a family, you will never regret choosing to become a donor. Educate yourself so when others question you, you are solid in your response and reasoning.” – Circle Egg Donor

If someone was considering using an egg donor but was unsure if they should or not, what would you say to them?

For men it’s the only option to involve an egg donor. I was a lot in my head about finding the right one, and what characteristics I was actually searching for… What I’d tell other intended parents if they ask me how to make this most important decision? I would always recommend to trust their feelings when it comes to choosing the right donor for them.” – Circle Intended Father

What was the most memorable part of the egg donation process for you?

In this donation in particular, my IPs constant inclusion of me has been the most memorable part. Finding out he was expecting was such a surreal feeling, and every update has been really exciting to get. In general, I have made unexpected friendships through the egg donation community.” – Circle Egg Donor

There are many, from the donation itself to creating the embryos. Probably the most memorable until now was when I told her that the baby is on the way, and we both shared this excitement!” – Circle Intended Father

More egg donors share their views

After speaking with the intended father and his egg donor, we were blown away by the connection they had formed and the incredible experience they had shared in. We reached out to many of our other Circle egg donors to ask them the same final question. What was the most memorable part of the process for you? This is what they had to say:Egg Donor Appreciation

  • “Meeting the IPs and seeing how excited they were to have another little one!” – Kara
  •  “The interview. It’s exciting to finally meet the intended parent(s) and feel that connection. I feel it really helps and makes the rest of the process even more exciting on both ends.” –Kathryn
  • “Matching with the couple I worked with and getting to know them, what they value in a donor and seeing their excitement to get the process started.”  –Katie
  • “I have donated to two different couples. The first couple wanted to remain anonymous. The second did not. The most memorable part of my second donation was getting to know the IPs. It was really incredible to get to know what wonderful people they are, and I felt privileged to be able to be such a huge part of their journey.” –Casey
  • “Hearing that I helped create a baby for on couple and a set of twins for another. Also, keeping in contact with one of my recipients.” –Amber
  • “Receiving a card from my IP’s when I got into the recovery room after my egg retrieval.” –Alexa
  • “Knowing how happy the parents were going to be.” – Brook
  • “I never got to know who my recipients were in previous cycles, but there are other wonderful aspects of donating. My favorite part has been being able to see the world! I’ve been blessed to be able to travel places I’ve never been to because of a donation.” –Kaitlyn
  • “I have done 5 donations, 4 of them ending with babies! I by far love getting the emails from them letting me know they will be having a baby! I am in touch with almost all of my IPs and have seen all of the babies! It is by far the best feeling seeing those babies! The feeling you get when you know you just gave that family everything they wanted is one of the best feelings! It’s almost indescribable.” – Alixann
  • “The most memorable part of my donation was finding out from my IP’s that they were pregnant with a baby girl a few months after my retrieval.” – Danielle
  • “Being able to travel & experiencing the kindness of every employee I worked with.” ­­–Kourtney
  • “The clinic my IPs and I used for my very first donation was absolutely fantastic about entertaining all of my questions and interest.  As a scientist (in an absolutely different field) going through the process I was amazed to see the growth of the follicles through each passing day.  The day of retrieval they even let me watch a short clip of them fertilizing one of the eggs under the microscope.  Not only did I get to help an amazing couple start their family but that is still one of the coolest memories I have!” – Sarah
  • “Meeting the IP’s, they were awesome and we had such a great dinner! All of the nurses and doctors were amazing and sweet also, and the Circle employee’s helped me anytime I had any sort of questions and were always nice (and amazing too!)” – Gabby 

Thank you!

We would like to thank all of our egg donors that participated in this conversation and were willing to contribute and share their most memorable experiences. We would also like to thank the Intended Father and Egg Donor that sat down for a conversation about their experience and what it has meant to each of them.

Are you interested in learning more about becoming an egg donor? Wondering if you meet the requirements? Are you feeling ready to fill out an application? We’re here to help! Feel free to contact us if you have questions or fill out an application today!

Are you interested in becoming a parent through egg donation? We’d be happy to share more information about the process and helping you find the perfect egg donor to help grow your family. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us and we’ll help in whatever ways we can!