Becoming a Surrogate: Does an Agency’s Location Matter?

surrogacy agency location

Whether you are researching surrogacy agencies as a prospective surrogate or are an intended parent looking for the right agency to help your family grow, you’ve most likely come across location information listed on different agency websites. You may not know this, but surrogacy agency location is not very important! Circle’s main office is located in Boston, Massachusetts, but we also have offices in New York City, just outside of San Francisco, and in Washington DC. However, our surrogates and egg donors come from all across the country, and our intended parents are both domestic and international. The majority of the surrogates and intended parents we work with will never even visit our physical offices, although they are more than welcome to do so!

With our agency’s comprehensive, in-house framework, all of your needs are handled without requiring your physical presence. Circle is vigilant when it comes to screening our surrogates, and enforce appropriate surrogate qualifications for all our surrogates. We only work with surrogates who live in surrogate-friendly states (all states except Nebraska, Michigan, and Louisiana).

How can you work with an agency in Massachusetts if you live in another state?

agency locationAny traveling associated with being a surrogate at Circle would be to and from your intended parent’s clinic. All of the costs for medical travel would be covered by your intended parents. Other travel may include trips (all costs covered) to visit the intended parents. Depending on the nature of your agreed upon relationship with your IPs, this could happen once after you deliver or numerous times before and/or post- delivery. The surrogacy agency location will not impact your travel or the amount of face time you’ll get with your agency team! Most of our surrogates video chat with their Circle team or speak on the phone with them as often as they need to!

What do the other locations listed on our website indicate?

You may have noticed additional agency location listings on our site. These are places in which some of our staff members live and work remotely. Again, there is never a need for you to travel to our offices, so these locations exist to provide you with a sense of just how global our agency is in terms of where our staff members live and work to keep Circle going and growing.

What if you are matched with intended parents who live in a different part of the country or world?

Part of the beauty in the relationships formed between surrogates and intended parents lies in their lasting and durable qualities. While each surrogacy arrangement is unique, the opportunity for establishing and maintaining meaningful relationships is available to all surrogates and intended parents, regardless of their locations. With the aid of modern technology, our surrogates and intended parents can keep in touch and feel present both throughout the surrogacy journey and years after a child is born.

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