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Surrogacy Cost: A Breakdown for Intended Parents (Infographic)

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Updated: 5/2024

"How much does surrogacy cost?" This is often one of the first questions prospective intended parents ask us here at Circle Surrogacy—and for good reason, too. With all of the moving parts in the surrogacy process, surrogacy costs can be a complicated subject to tackle.

In short, surrogacy is a substantial financial investment, though the actual costs can be unclear and highly variable. That's why we are here to explain the costs of surrogacy and help you know what to expect during your journey as an intended parent.

Cost of Surrogacy: What To Expect

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The average cost of surrogacy in the United States ranges from $100,000 to $200,000 depending on the needs of the individual or couple.

For example, surrogacy becomes less expensive if a woman's own eggs can be used or if the intended parent(s) have frozen embryos from prior fertility treatments available. The same goes for sperm, too—if one of the intended parents is male and his sperm can be used, then that will make the process slightly less expensive than it would be if donor sperm was required.

Surrogacy Cost Breakdown

Surrogacy is a legitimate financial investment, so it's smart to learn how all of the different costs factor into the process.

Typical gestational surrogacy costs include the following:

Agency fee: ~$20,000–$40,000

This range depends on the services an agency provides, as each agency includes different offerings for their Intended Parents. Some agencies with a higher fee will perform all of the legal work, surrogate screening, trust account management and more, while other agencies keep their agency fees lower and charge individually for these services.

Compensation to the surrogate: $30,000 - $60,000

This cost reflects the typical base fee compensation for surrogates. Surrogates will receive additional compensation and benefits throughout the journey, and their compensation may become higher if the pregnancy ends up being multiple births.

Health insurance for the surrogate: $15,000 to $30,000

Many health insurers will not fully cover surrogacy. You can learn more about the type of health insurance coverage you'll need for your surrogate on our IVF & Insurance page.

Expenses and other payments to the surrogate: $10,000 to $15,000

Expenses might include maternity clothing, travel to the clinic, childcare, help with housekeeping at the end of pregnancy, additional life insurance, etc.

Legal fees: Up to $20,000

You'll need an experienced surrogacy and family planning lawyer to help ensure that your journey proceeds according to the law, which can vary by state and affect your surrogacy costs.

Counseling services: $7,000

Most clinics require that both the intended parents and the surrogate undergo counseling, especially if the surrogate is doing it for the first time.

IVF or embryo implantation: Up to $25,000

This is more than traditional IVF for various reasons.

Infographic and pie chart showing what makes up the typical surrogacy cost, including surrogate and legal services and the agency fee.

How Do People Afford Surrogacy?

We are dedicated to helping families grow by offering cost security through our all-inclusive Journey Protection Guarantee Program and recommending flexible financing options.

Surrogacy Costs at Circle Surrogacy

For more details on the costs of surrogacy with a full-service agency like Circle Surrogacy, visit our costs page on our website. It is important to understand the costs before embarking on your surrogacy journey, and if you need more information to make the right decision to grow your family, fill out our Parent Application today. You can also email us at [email protected] or call our office at 617.439.9900. We're happy to walk you through all of the costs intended parents can expect when becoming a parent with the help of Circle Surrogacy.


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