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Surrogacy Consultation: Everything You Need to Know.

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A surrogacy agency helps intended parents navigate their surrogacy journey on their road to parenthood. Because the surrogacy process can be complex, many parents choose to work with an agency who will manage the overall journey, and support them at every milestone. Before signing on with an agency, you will likely be asked to take part in a surrogacy consultation. This meeting with the agency is a natural step in the process of choosing an agency.

Intended Parents may have questions about the surrogacy consultation, what to expect and when to schedule. Here are some of our most frequently asked questions about consultations:

What is a surrogacy consultation?

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A surrogacy consultation is a meeting between intended parents and a surrogacy agency. The time and attendees can vary by agency. Surrogacy consultations with Circle Surrogacy include the intended parents, a Parent Intake Associate (many of whom are parents through surrogacy themselves) and a Lawyer who specializes in Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) law.

How long does a surrogacy consultation last?

Surrogacy consultations can last between 2-2.5 hours. You may be thinking this is quite a time commitment! The reason for the length is there is so much to cover in a consultation. This is an average time we’ve seen for consults that allows time for both the intended parents to share their story and ask questions, and the surrogacy agency team to explain the process and costs, and answer questions.

Why does the agency ask so many personal questions?

A surrogacy journey is a very personal endeavor. In Circle’s experience, no two surrogacy journeys are the same, and therefore we approach each journey individually. We want to get an understanding of who you are as intended parents, what brought you to surrogacy, and how you’re prepared emotionally and financially for the journey. Because every aspect of growing your family is unique to you, the personal questions help us learn about you and provide a customized, personal approach to your support.

How do I know if I’m ready for a consultation?

Typically, intended parents who have done their research on surrogacy and have a general understanding of the process who are ready to embark on a journey within the next year will schedule a consultation with a surrogacy agency. If you are still gathering information and not yet sure of your plans, you may be better suited for a pre-consultation (see below).

What is a pre-consultation?

A pre-consultation is a much shorter (about 15-30 minutes) meeting with a Circle team member who can answer questions about surrogacy, the surrogacy process and surrogacy costs. Intended parents who are still doing their research and who will not be ready to begin their journey until at least a year may opt for a pre-consultation.

I won’t be ready to do surrogacy for 2 years, should I meet with an agency?

Circle International Outreach Associate, President, Director of Legal Services
Circle International Outreach Associate, President, Director of Legal Services

If you know your timeline is about 24 months away, you can still meet with an agency for a pre-consultation to have any questions answered, and to learn about the agency. Establishing a relationship early on with an agency provides a resource for information.

Is a consultation with an agency a commitment to sign on?

No. Scheduling a consultation with Circle Surrogacy is not a commitment to sign on with the agency. We understand that intended parents are looking at multiple agencies trying to find the right fit. We do recommend when you narrow your agency choices to perhaps your top 3 you do schedule a consultation with them to help you make your decision.

I want to do surrogacy, but don’t have the finances in place yet. Should I schedule a consultation?

If you are interested in the agency and are working on the financials, you may want to schedule a consultation if you think you will be ready within the next year.

What are the benefits to doing a consultation?

Besides the benefit of learning about the surrogacy agency, surrogacy process and surrogacy costs – and sharing your own story – a consultation is a great way to see if the agency is a good “personality fit”. Does the agency share your views on how you imagine your surrogacy journey will be? Can you see yourself working with the staff? Did you get a good feeling for their experience and passion about growing families?

Growing your family through surrogacy is a big emotional and financial investment. A surrogacy consultation is one of the first milestones as you begin your journey. Finding an agency who shares your vision for your journey and with whom you feel comfortable is key to having a smooth, successful journey.

If you’d like to schedule a consultation with Circle Surrogacy, click here.


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