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  • Minette Bryant

Seven Surrogacy Insurance Questions Asked and Answered

couple reading document with insurance consultant

A surrogacy journey is one of altruism, of relationships, of personal growth, a journey of fulfillment. But, at its core, it is a medical journey, and therefore, one singularly important element is medical insurance. Many potential surrogates have questions about health insurance as it relates to a surrogacy journey, and we want to answer some of those here.

1. I have personal health insurance coverage; can I use it to pay the medical bills during a surrogacy journey?

The answer is yes, as long as your insurance is reviewed and approved by our legal team. Some insurance policies have a specific surrogacy exclusion, and if that is the case, then your insurance cannot be used for the journey, but if there is no such exclusion, then you will present your insurance at your OB and hospital just as you have in previous pregnancies. Because this is an integral part of the process, it’s a good idea for you to begin gathering your complete insurance information now so that you are prepared to offer it to the Circle team for review.

2. What if I have personal insurance, but it is denied for use for the journey?

Once your insurance has been reviewed and determined inappropriate for the surrogacy, then your Circle team will work to apply for a maternity-only policy through Lloyds of London, paid for by your Intended Parents. This policy will work as surrogate insurance through the pregnancy, but it does not cover any other medical issues. For instance, if you developed a sinus infection, this maternity-only policy would not provide coverage for the treatment of your sinus infection.

3. Can I become a surrogate if I do not have personal insurance?

Yes! If you apply to become a surrogate, but you don’t have your own insurance, we will plan from the beginning to purchase a maternity surrogate insurance policy for you. For this process, there is part of the application that your team at Circle Surrogacy will complete, and another part that you will complete. It is very simple, just takes a few minutes, and your Program Coordinator will send you the form and instructions when you begin an IVF cycle.

4. Does having medical insurance impact my total surrogate compensation?

Surrogacy compensation has a number of variables and having your own insurance can be one of them. When you apply to be a surrogate, the Surrogate Intake Team will thoroughly discuss the details of your compensation based on you own variables. You can also calculate your surrogate pay on our website.

5. What does my insurance cover during the surrogacy journey?

Whether you have personal insurance, or the Lloyds of London maternity policy, the insurance will be used strictly for the pregnancy and delivery. Neither of these policies will be used as IVF insurance, as the IVF process is rarely covered by insurance, and never for the surrogate (though sometimes the parents have insurance help for IVF). Because of this, you will not provide your insurance for any medical service until you are released by the IVF center, and into the care of your personal obstetrician. This happens at about ten weeks pregnant, depending slightly from clinic to clinic.

6. Will I receive medical bills related to the surrogacy?

Yes, you will. Because you are the patient, your OBGYN and hospital will send the bills to you. But you will not be responsible for paying the bills! When you receive a bill, you will simply snap a picture of all relevant pages and email the pictures to your Program Coordinator. Just like any other kind of bills, some take longer to process than others, so always be sure to send the pictures of the bills as soon as you receive them.

7. Will the baby be put on my insurance?

No. Once the baby is born, he or she will be added to the parents’ insurance (if they have US based or global insurance) or they will be “self-pay” at the hospital. The Circle Surrogacy accounting team helps parents negotiate a self-pay discount for parents who need help.

In any situation, the discussion and understanding of health insurance can be a little overwhelming, but at Circle Surrogacy, your coordination, accounting, and legal teams will make sure that you have as seamless an experience as possible, whether you are using your own personal insurance policy, or we arrange a maternity policy for you. If you’re interested in learning more about the surrogacy process or have questions, check out our Frequently Asked Questions page! If you think you are ready to take the first steps, you can apply to be a surrogate so that we can reach out to you and answer any remaining questions you may have.


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