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Together, we make parenthood possible.

Parenthood Through Surrogacy

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Become a Surrogate

Parenthood Through Egg Donation

Become an Egg Donor

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 We're a surrogacy & egg donation agency dedicated to helping you on your journey

We're a surrogacy & egg donation agency dedicated to helping you on your journey

At Circle Surrogacy & Egg Donation, it's our passion to help you fulfill your dreams of having or helping a family. With over 27 years of surrogacy agency experience and more than 2,800 babies born, we've seen countless lives changed – and countless lives created – because of the selflessness of surrogates and egg donors. Our people and programs are what makes us different, so whether you wish to grow your own family, become a surrogate or egg donor, we're here to make your dreams come true.

We're the most successful surrogacy agency making parenthood possible.

 Brett Griffin Young Family Photo with Circle Surrogacy
 Brett Griffin Young

My husband and I embarked on a surrogacy journey in April 2008. Ten years after our journey, we are still friends with our surrogate. I approached Circle and asked to represent them and support intended parents as a source of advice and guidance. I have become friends with many intended parents, watching their families grow and continuing to support them. I have the best job in the world. Brett Griffin-Young, Head of International Client Services

We have personal experience with surrogacy and egg donation

We're a surrogacy agency comprised of surrogacy professionals: social workers and lawyers, intake associates and accountants, and program managers and coordinators – but, more importantly, we're an agency made up of parents, surrogates and egg donors, who are passionate about helping people build their families, and are invested in each and every journey as if it were their own.

In fact, more than 44% of our staff are experienced surrogates, parents or egg donors through the program, or have grown their family through IVF or adoption. Because of this, we are able to put ourselves in your shoes, and create the most effective programs and costs, and the most successful surrogacy process. We are emotionally invested in each and every journey, and dedicated to your success.

We were founded by a gay dad through surrogacy, and we believe that everyone should have the opportunity to become a parent.

The relationship between a surrogate and intended parent

There are few things more beautiful than the bond created between a surrogate and her intended parents. Surrogacy is an intimate experience, and many surrogates and intended parents grow very close during the journey, and continue their relationship even after the baby is born.

In this video, you'll learn about Mandi and Nicola's surrogacy journey, how they supported each other when they faced a bump in their journey, how they shared the whole experience, and you'll see the amazing bond that they share.

 Becoming a Parent Through Surrogacy

Becoming a Parent Through Surrogacy

Fulfill your dreams of parenthood.

There's no feeling like bringing a baby into your family, and everything we do at Circle Surrogacy reflects our goal of bringing the beauty and joy of parenthood to as many people who dream of it. As dedicated partners during your parenthood journey, we promise to be with you from the very beginning through the birth of your child and beyond, because that might be when you'll need our guidance, support and expertise the most.
 Becoming a Parent Through Egg Donation

Becoming a Parent Through Egg Donation

A special journey to parenthood.

Egg donation helps so many couples and individuals realize their dreams of parenthood. At Circle Egg Donation, the experience of using donor eggs is one of hope and excitement. Our experienced team guides intended parents on the full journey, from finding and matching with an egg donor, through donor screening and legal contracts, and finally the egg retrieval. We'll partner with you at every step, explain the different types of egg donation available, and ensure you have as smooth a journey as possible.

 Surrogate mother sharing her surrogacy journey

Becoming a Surrogate Mother

Change someone's life forever.

Making the selfless decision to become a surrogate mother is more rewarding than you could ever imagine. With Circle Surrogacy, it’s life-changing for both you and the intended parents. And, from the fertility process to delivery and post-delivery, we ensure you maintain your health and wellbeing with our careful guidance and constant support.
 Becoming an Egg Donor

Becoming an Egg Donor

Empowering you to fulfill others' dreams.

What makes egg donation so special is knowing that you're directly impacting the future of intended parents and their families. In addition to our experienced staff and detailed process, we give you the opportunity to choose the intended parents you're most compatible with, making your experience with Circle Egg Donation as an egg donor less like a transaction and more like the beginning of a meaningful relationship – much like joining a family.

We’ve been there.

Our experienced team is made up of former surrogates, egg donors and parents through our program.

My surrogacy journey was the most fulfilling and rewarding experience for me and my family. Helping build a family while creating a lifelong friendship was a dream come true. I’m incredibly passionate about surrogacy and love that I can contribute to building families every...

Ashley Hamer
Lead Program Manager
Read Ashley Hamer's Story

I have witnessed many people struggle with fertility, and felt the pull to do more to help someone achieve their dreams of becoming parents. My surrogacy journeys have been the most rewarding, and fulfilling experiences of my life, and I am so happy to call my Intended Parents...

Sarah Harris
Program Coordinator
Read Sarah Harris's Story

Surrogacy changed our lives forever. Our daughter lights up our lives, and the lives of so many others: her godfather and godmother, her grandmas and grandpas, her aunt and cousins, and her friends' lives. It's amazing how many people have been touched through this beautiful...

Fabien Gaudry
International Outreach Associate
Read Fabien Gaudry's Story

My surrogacy journey was so special to me and to my family. We were able to help a family fulfill their dream and make lifelong friends at the same time. Serving our clients as a Program Manager at Circle has allowed me to continue helping families fulfill their dreams.

Michelle Coughlin
Senior Manager of Intended Parent Matching
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