What is surrogacy?

Surrogacy is a method of assisted reproduction that helps intended parents start or grow families when they can't do so on their own. It is an incredible journey that is rewarding for both surrogates, as well as intended parents.

 Surrogate mothers and surrogacy.

Surrogate mothers and surrogacy.

Surrogate mothers are special, selfless women who have a passion for helping others and bringing joy to intended parents. At Circle Surrogacy, we implement a thorough surrogate screening process to ensure that surrogates are physically healthy and mentally prepared to carry the intended parents’ child.

Surrogates help intended parents from a wide variety of backgrounds:

• Heterosexual couples who have struggled with infertility
• Intended mothers who are unable to carry a child
• Intended parents who have a genetic defect or health condition they don't want to pass onto the child
• Same sex intended parents who want to have a genetic link to the baby

Circle surrogates have the chance to express preference about the intended parents with whom they are matched.

 Intended parents and surrogacy​.

Intended parents and surrogacy​.

Prospective parents interested in growing their families through surrogacy are encouraged to work with an agency like Circle Surrogacy to ensure a safe, legal and organized arrangement.

All prospective intended parents – whether you’re a couple or a single individual, LGBTQ+, domestic or international – begin with a complimentary consultation that lasts approximately 2-3 hours, where they can share their story, what brought them to surrogacy and learn about our process.​

Each journey is unique, and our programs and process is customizable and flexible to fit your needs.

Becoming a surrogate: an overview.

The application and prescreening process.

The first step in becoming a surrogate is to complete our initial application. After your application is received and reviewed, if approved, an Outreach Coordinator will reach out to you within 24 hours. During the prescreening phase, you'll be connected to our Prescreening Coordinator and we'll review your medical records, including previous OBGYN records and recent pap-smear results.

Screening and matching considerations.

You'll have an interview with a social worker from Circle who will examine your motivation to become a surrogate, your support system, your pregnancy history, your family, your interpersonal relationships, your interests and your life experiences. Once you've been accepted into our program, you'll be connected to a member of our matching team, who will work to identify the appropriate intended parents match option for you. We match surrogates with intended parents primarily based on legal and personality fit.

Matching, medical screening and signing the legal contract.

When it's time to pick a match, you'll be asked to exchange profiles with your intended parent(s) and have a Skype call with them. If you feel comfortable after meeting with your potential intended parent(s), you'll move into the legal contracts while making arrangements to attend your medical screening. Your medical screening will take place at the IVF clinic of your intended parents' choice. And before you know it, you'll be a surrogate mother with Circle Surrogacy, making intended parents' dreams come true.

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Becoming a Parent: An Overview

Consultations with Circle Surrogacy.

All prospective intended parents – whether you’re a couple or a single individual, LGBTQ+, domestic or international – begin with a complimentary consultation that lasts approximately 2-3 hours. This helps us tailor information to meet your specific needs.

Becoming a Circle Surrogacy parent.

If you wish to proceed with Circle Surrogacy after your complimentary consultation, you'll sign an Agreement for Services. Once the Agreement is executed, you'll be assigned a Journey Support Team, who will guide you through every phase of the process.

The matching process.

The matching process begins with an initial call or Skype with your Journey Support Team to choose an IVF clinic and an egg donor (if needed). The next step is to find an appropriate match with a gestational surrogate who's completed our comprehensive screening process.

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A monumental journey.

Benefits of surrogacy.

The monetary benefits of being a surrogate mother are significant, but the indescribable sense of fulfillment you get from helping intended families bring a child into the world cannot be found doing anything else. That's why many surrogate mothers agree to doing a second journey with us and their intended parents. And why our surrogates describe their journeys are the most rewarding experience of their lives.

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We're by your side the whole time.

We go above and beyond to make parenthood a reality for heterosexual and LGBTQ+ individuals and couples, but we know that none of it would be possible without women like you. So, from the moment you come to Circle, we're there by your side, and whatever help and support you might need, we promise to educate, guide and lead you during the entirety of journey.

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Common questions about surrogacy.

Whether you're considering surrogacy or becoming a parent through surrogacy, you may have questions along the way. With many experienced surrogates and parents via surrogacy on staff, we've helped families navigate their journeys successfully, and have answered almost every question out there!
What is the difference between gestational surrogacy and traditional surrogacy?

There are two types of surrogacy—gestational surrogacy and traditional surrogacy. In a typical gestational surrogacy arrangement, intended parents create embryos through in vitro fertilization. One or more of these embryos is implanted in a surrogate (sometimes known as a gestational carrier), who carries the child or children to term, but has no genetic relationship to them.

Gestational surrogacies makeup the vast majority of modern surrogacy arrangements. By contrast, traditional surrogates typically become pregnant through artificial insemination, and have a genetic connection to the child or children they carry for their intended parents. We do not arrange traditional surrogacies.

How much do surrogates get paid?
Circle offers the most comprehensive compensation and benefits of any agency. While surrogate compensation varies depending on your insurance, state of residence, and surrogacy experience, Circle works with each and every woman to help customize her benefits to fit her journey and needs.
Why should I choose Circle Surrogacy?

Whether you are an intended parent, a surrogate or an egg donor, when you embark on a journey with Circle, we promise to be beside you every step of the way. We promise to educate, lead and guide you through your surrogacy and egg donation journey. We will work tirelessly to help you achieve success and fulfill your dream.

We are a full-service agency. You will work closely with a Journey Coordination team who will guide and support you throughout your entire journey, including social work, legal and billing support. Circle is the only agency in the world to provide unparalleled program offerings for parents, such as unlimited surrogate and egg donor matching, and an unlimited IVF package. We employ an in-house legal staff who is well-versed in reproductive and surrogacy law and insurance contracts.

At Circle, we have the highest level of dedication to building families than any other agency. We'll help you navigate the road, smooth the bumps, and cheer when we reach our destination. Every person who works at Circle is dedicated to doing everything they can to help you build your family. The Circle Staff goes above and beyond to help you achieve your dream of parenthood.

How do I apply with Circle Surrogacy to become a surrogate?
If you are interested in applying to our program to become a surrogate, you can fill out the online form here. The application takes only 10 minutes and you can do it right from your phone. Please note that the online application process will include the submission of at least three pictures. You will be contacted within about 24 hours to inform you of the next steps.

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