Surrogacy is prohibited in France, Germany, and Switzerland and restricted in many European countries, including Sweden, Spain, the United Kingdom, Ireland, and The Netherlands. As a result, many Europeans have been turning to the USA for help in having their own biological children.

The United States is widely considered to be the preferable country for surrogacy among Europeans and other international gay and heterosexual parents due to its favorable legal, societal and medical conditions. Almost every U.S. state permits compensated surrogacy. The United States also offers a supportive environment for surrogates and intended parents.

Having children in the U.S. can be relatively easy for international intended parents. It is only necessary to come to the United States 2 to 4 times—for the clinic visit and birth (required) and for the transfer and the 20-week ultrasound (preferred). Departures from the United States are easy as well – all children born in the United States are automatically U.S. citizens. Therefore, most international intended parents return to their country within 2-3 weeks of their children’s discharge from the hospital with the birth certificate and US Passports. They can also obtain passports from their home country while in the U.S. or upon return.


Why Should You Choose Circle?

Circle is the premiere surrogacy agency for international intended parents in 6 continents and over 60 countries. No other surrogacy agency has more experience with international intended parents and has to date helped all of them return home safely with passports from the United States and all of the necessary paperwork for passports within their own countries as well. Circle maintains a diverse clientele which includes gay, heterosexual, bisexual and HIV-positive couples and individuals.

Circle's success with international clients is based on the special attention that is given to addressing every country's needs and legal circumstances. We have legal contacts in most countries and we have partnered with local organizations and lawyers to make sure we are providing our clients with a complete solution to safely return home after the birth of their child(ren). Circle's staff regularly meets with prospective clients for consultations in their own countries and cities as well as via Skype. Once they become clients, we lead all parents through the logistical, legal and administrative processes from day one until they gain full custody of their newborns and bring them home.


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