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Which Maternity Support Products Can Make Your Pregnancy More Comfortable?

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Written by: Karoline Gore

Feeling comfortable during your surrogate pregnancy is key: studies have shown that there is a link between stress during pregnancy and longer term issues. Being pregnant today has advanced in leaps and bounds in terms of comfort, with a host of products - everything from pregnancy pillows to attractive fashion items - making the transition between the terms of pregnancy smoother and more practical. If you're looking for items that can provide greater support and comfort during your surrogate pregnancy, the following items may be right up your street. Surrogate pregnancies can vary from natural pregnancies, so even if you haven’t needed these products for your previous pregnancies, you may benefit from them this time around!

Maternity Belts And Belly Bands

As your belly begins to grow, you may feel greater discomfort. As stated by the Cleveland Clinic, just a few sources of discomfort can include round ligament pain (a sharp pain in the abdomen or hip area), abdominal pain and discomfort, and backache. Pain in the lower back, in particular, can occur because there is a greater strain placed on your back muscles, but also because of changes in hormone levels and postures. Maternity belts and bands provide support through gentle compression, reducing pregnancy pain, supporting weak abdominal and/or back muscles, and helping to correct posture. These can be a lifesaver throughout your surrogate pregnancy!

Which To Choose: A Maternity Belt Or Band?

The difference between belly belts and bands is mainly their size: belts usually cover the lower part of the belly (i.e. beneath the belly button), while a band covers the entirety of the belly. Your choice of belt vs band ultimately depends on your main aim. If you want to fully cover your abdominal area (including jeans, which you can leave unzipped, since the fabric will cover this part of the jean), then a wider band is ideal. Some bands also have a corset-like effect, which lends a smoother, ‘muffin-top-free’ appearance to the waist and back areas. Bands can also be worn beneath midriffs and other shorter tops while keeping the abdominal area completely covered. There are many specific products, however, for purposes such as sports. For instance, pregnant women who jog or brisk walk often wear belt support braces, which have a two-strap support and which are fully adjustable throughout the surrogate pregnancy.

Maternity Support Jeans And Pants

Maternity support pants, jeans and leggings have come a long way, with pregnant women now able to feel fashionable during this unique time in life. Jeggings and leggings, for instance, often contain a high waist and an extendable portion of material in the belly area (which stretches and provides support). Maternity jeans also have over-the-belly waistbands, matched with the latest styles in jeans - everything from skinny leg designs to straight cuts, barrel legged cuts, frayed material, cropped jeans, and boot cut jeans. Today, leggings come in a plethora of materials - everything from linen to faux leather. Some have the elastic waistband only on the front of the pants so that you can sport a traditional look on the back. The downside of maternity pants is that many are so cute you’ll want to wear them even post-pregnancy. The good news is that if you wear them with a longish top, nobody needs to know they are maternity pants at all.

Maternity Panties For Greater Support

Investing in good maternity underwear is one way to feel more comfortable and supported, both at home and at work (if you work outside the home). Top choices include high-waisted panties (which fully cover the bump) though those who prefer to ‘free their belly’ will also find sexy low-waisted options that still provide support in areas like the groin. It is generally recommended that women in the later stages of their pregnancy wear lighter shades of underwear so that they can spot any signs of discharge (which can be difficult to see on black or red underwear). In addition to panties, there are magnificent Spanx-style maternity shapers that extend downwards to mid-thigh level and upwards to just beneath your bra. This type of underwear smooths out lumps and eliminates panty lines and other ‘wrinkles’ that can show up beneath your clothing. When shopping for maternity panties, ensure you research well, and read reviews on your chosen styles. Your panties should provide some support, but not be tight or leave marks on your skin when you remove them.

Ideal Maternity Bras

Because a pregnant woman’s breast size may grow considerably during pregnancy, many women choose smooth, stretchy bras without padded cups. The benefit of these bras is that, although they don’t provide as much ‘lift’ or support as padded cups, they are softer and can be worn during day and night. If you love sophisticated lingerie, then know that minimalist styles are definitely not the only ones on the market. You will find a bevy of beautiful maternity bras with details such as lace and attractive cuts that take them into sartorial territory. If you love bearing your shoulders, opt for a strapless bra.

Maternity Dresses

Many pregnant women shop at non-maternity shops, choosing comfortable wear that enables their belly to breathe without sacrificing their sense of style and their love of specific cuts and colors. If you love fitting dresses, though, and are looking for those that show off your silhouette during pregnancy, then you can choose from various maternity dresses made with ‘stretch-and-recovery’ knit. In other words, the dress stretches with you as your pregnancy progresses. The stretch is seam-free, which offers smooth belly hugging support.

If you are a surrogate and pregnant (or soon to be pregnant!) and wondering if you can continue to look fashionable while feeling comfortable and supported, the answer is a resounding ‘yes’. There are a host of items that can ease pain - including maternity belts, bands and Spanx-style underwear. Even underwear, dresses, tops and pants all contain features (such as stretchable material) that can ensure you feel supported and fashionable all at once.

If you’re not yet pregnant with a surro-babe but interested in learning more about becoming a surrogate, check out our surrogates page or apply now!


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