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Parenthood through surrogacy and egg donation

Learn more about becoming a surrogate parent or parent through egg donation with Circle Surrogacy & Egg Donation. Our detailed surrogacy process, our egg donation program, our all-inclusive surrogacy cost program and a success rate of 99.3% for intended parents bringing home a baby make us the best agency choice for parents.

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 We're your dedicated partner in your parenthood journey

We're your dedicated partner in your parenthood journey

We believe everyone should have the opportunity to be a parent, so we tailor our surrogate and egg donation programs to fit your needs as a heterosexual or LGBTQ+ individual or couple – in the United States or abroad. As the most successful surrogacy agency with a 99.3% guaranteed success rate for bringing home a baby, our surrogacy clinics and knowledgeable staff provide the space and guidance you need for a smooth and successful journey.

We're a full-service surrogacy and egg donation agency, which means we have all surrogacy and egg donation services under one roof, including journey coordination, legal and accounting support, and assistance getting you and your baby home.

Having a baby through surrogacy and egg donation can be a complicated process for intended parents. Understanding the egg donation process, how surrogacy works, how much surrogacy costs and the surrogacy support you'll need along the way will help intended parents feel at ease on their journey to parenthood.

What types of parents does surrogacy and egg donation help?

Surrogacy and egg donation are family-building options for all different types of intended parents. And Circle is proud to have helped so many different types of parents for over 25 years!

Heterosexual individuals and couples

Heterosexual individuals and couples may choose surrogacy and egg donation for a variety of reasons, including: infertility, medical diagnosis such as cancer, or a genetic defect or health condition. Either with the intended mother’s own eggs – or donor eggs – embryos are created and transferred into a gestational surrogate.

LGBTQIA+ community

Circle Surrogacy has a long legacy of working with all types of parents. Circle’s founder, John Weltman, lawyer and gay dad of two children through surrogacy, created Circle with the belief that everyone should have the opportunity to become a parent. We work hard to uphold that mission by working with a diverse community of intended parents including individuals who are straight, gay, trans, nonbinary, single, coupled, and those living internationally in 73 different countries.

We have been working with members of the LGBTQIA+ community for over 25 years and are proud to be an ally to those in the transgender and non-binary communities. We have lawyers who are experts in surrogacy law for the LGBTQIA+ community and understand the nuances of this process for this community. We understand that while members of the trans and non-binary community may be biologically able to have a child, it may not be the safest or most suitable option, and we want to lend our support and expertise in surrogacy to help make having a child a reality. We will work to provide a comfortable and safe environment throughout your surrogacy journey.

 International parents travel with newborn baby

Surrogacy & Egg Donation for International Intended Parents

Circle Surrogacy & Egg Donation works with those individuals and couples wishing to become parents through surrogacy and egg donation from all over the world, from the UK to Norway, to Switzerland and Australia and everywhere in between. In fact, Circle Surrogacy has grown families in over 70 countries in the last 25 years.

We are experienced in helping intended parents who live abroad to plan for the birth of their baby in the U.S., travel for the baby's birth, and arrange for all documents needed to bring their baby safely home.

Surrogacy in the U.S. is the safest choice for international intended parents because babies born in the United States will be U.S. citizens, plus our advanced expertise in surrogacy means we adhere to the strictest guidelines for surrogate mothers and egg donors. Plus, you are guaranteed financial security when working with a U.S.-based surrogacy agency.

Finding the Right Surrogacy & Egg Donation Program

There is no one-size-fits-all surrogacy program. Circle offers programs to help as many individuals and couples as possible, with programs customized to their specific needs. Some intended parents come to us needing only a surrogate, while others require a surrogate and an egg donor. Some return for sibling journeys with the same gestational carrier. Others have a family or friend who is willing to act as their surrogate.

How to Choose a Surrogacy or Egg Donation Program

Which surrogacy or egg donation program is right for me?

Here are the different programs that Circle Surrogacy & Egg Donation offers. If you are interested in learning more about any of our programs, you can fill out a short form and we will be in touch ASAP!

Gestational Surrogacy Only
In this program, intended parents require a gestational surrogate to carry their baby; they will create (or already have create) their embryos. At their IVF clinic, an embryo(s) will be transferred into the gestational surrogate's uterus for her to carry.

Gestational Surrogacy and Egg Donation
This program is for intended parents who require egg donation for gestational surrogacy to create embryos and need a gestational surrogate to carry the baby(ies) to term. Intended parents will need to match with an egg donor to provide her eggs (and sometimes, a sperm donor as well) so that embryos can be created. The embryos will then be transferred into a gestational carrier's uterus.

Egg Donation Only
If you are able to carry a baby to term, however you require a donor egg to create embryos, you may use our Egg Donation Only program. Intended parents will match with an egg donor who will have an egg retrieval, embryos will be created at the IVF clinic and transferred to the intended mother's uterus.

Dual Journey – Surrogacy Only or Surrogacy with Egg Donation
In a dual journey, intended parents will have two gestational surrogates carrying babies in staggered journeys. Intended parents wishing to have two children through surrogacy may choose this option which can be more medically advisable than a surrogate carrying twins.

Surrogacy with Your Own Surrogate
In some instances, intended parents come to us and have a family member or friend – or have found a match through surrogacy communities – who will be their gestational surrogate. Even if you bring your own surrogate (BYOS), you may still desire to have an agency manage your surrogacy journey.

Sibling Journey
A sibling journey is a second surrogacy journey with Circle to grow your family even more. Intended parents may return with their experienced carrier or be matched with a new surrogate.

We have a program that fits your needs to grow your family. Our experienced team can talk you through the different options and see which is best for you. If you're interested in a sibling journey, please email us.

We have personal experience with surrogacy and egg donation

Because many of us on the Circle Surrogacy team have gone through gestational surrogacy and egg donation ourselves, we know all about the processes and the physical and emotional impacts of each. That's why, from the moment you choose us as your partner to your trip home with your baby, we're there to support, guide and help you in any and every way we can.

In fact, about 40% of our staff has been a surrogate, intended parent or egg donor, or has grown their families through IVF or adoption. We've been in your shoes, and because of that, we're able to relate to your story and design our surrogacy programs around real-life experiences.

Surrogacy Costs: one all-inclusive cost program

Circle Surrogacy & Egg Donation is the leading surrogacy agency because we always put our Intended Parents’ needs first. Circle Surrogacy offers one all-inclusive cost program that provides the most financial security and protection for intended parents compared to any other surrogacy agency.

Our Journey Protection Guarantee Program is designed to help as many Intended Parents as possible bring home a baby while reducing variable costs.

Journey Protection Guarantee Program

Our Journey Protection Guarantee offers Intended Parents unlimited transfers for a fixed price, plus the Circle Promise: we’ll refund 100% of our agency fee if you have no embryos remaining and you do not bring home a baby.

Cost for surrogacy only: $142,250 (excludes IVF)
Cost for surrogacy plus egg donation: $163,250 (excludes IVF)

Our Journey Protection Guarantee Program includes Circle Surrogacy's top-notch service and support from a team of professionals who are experts in the surrogacy and egg donation field. Pair that with our 99.3% success rate, and we can almost guarantee you'll go home with a baby.

Details about our Journey Protection Guarantee Program.

VIP Surrogacy Program

The VIP Surrogacy Program expands our standard offerings for intended parents who desire additional services, assistance and guidance during their journeys. This includes access to a single point of contact, as well as the flexibility to customize your surrogacy journey for the highest level of support.

Contact us to learn more about the VIP Program.

Informational webinars for Parents

Each month Circle Surrogacy & Egg Donation hosts informational webinars for intended parents on a variety of topics. It's easy to register and watch them from the privacy of your own home.

Webinar topics include:

  • Comparing Agencies & Costs
  • Surrogacy 101
  • International Surrogacy
  • Insurance & Legal
  • Joint webinars with IVF Clinics

All of our webinars are free.

How to compare surrogacy agencies

Intended parents will likely conduct quite a bit of research when they are thinking about surrogacy to grow their families. They will find there are MANY surrogacy agencies out there – large, full-service agencies such as Circle Surrogacy, and smaller, more boutique agencies.

Comparing agencies will help you see the pros and cons of each, and determine the best fit for you.

We've created a handy "Agency Questions Checklist" for intended parents to use when comparing agencies.

What COVID-19 means for parenthood through surrogacy and egg donation

Circle Surrogacy & Egg Donation understands that there is much uncertainty in the world right now. Our team has been working around the clock with our clients, helping them navigate their journey during this time.

We're also supporting those intended parents who are not yet clients, but who have questions about surrogacy, what parenthood during a pandemic means, and what Circle Surrogacy brings to the table as one of the oldest and most established agencies in the world.

If you're wondering if you should meet with a surrogacy agency during this time of uncertainty, our answer is this: when the world has settled back into a state of “normal”, will you still be considering surrogacy to grow your family? The decision to meet with a surrogacy agency during this time is 100% up to you and your comfort level.

What we can say is this: meeting with an agency is not committing to an agency. If you are considering surrogacy to grow your family – and you’ve done all your research – now is a perfectly acceptable time to meet with a surrogacy agency.

Read more about the impact COVID-19 has on surrogacy in this blog post.

Common questions from parents like you.

As you consider parenthood, you may have questions along the way. Don't worry. With 25 years of experience, we've helped parents navigate surrogacy and their journeys to parenthood, and have answered almost every question out there!

Why should I choose Circle Surrogacy?

Whether you are an intended parent, a surrogate or an egg donor, when you embark on a journey with Circle, we promise to be beside you every step of the way. We promise to educate, lead and guide you through your surrogacy and egg donation journey. We will work tirelessly to help you achieve success and fulfill your dream.

​We are a full-service agency. You will work closely with a Journey Coordination team who will guide and support you throughout your entire journey, including social work, legal and billing support. Circle is the only agency in the world to provide unparalleled program offerings for parents, such as unlimited surrogate and egg donor matching, and an unlimited IVF package. We employ an in-house legal staff who is extremely knowledgeable in reproductive and surrogacy law and insurance contracts.

At Circle, we have the highest level of dedication to building families than any other agency. We'll help you navigate the road, smooth the bumps, and cheer when we reach our destination. Every person who works at Circle is dedicated to doing everything they can to help you build your family. The Circle Staff goes above and beyond to help you achieve your dream of parenthood.

How long does the whole surrogacy process take?

​The length of the process depends on several factors. We typically tell intended parents that they should plan on a year and a half from the time they sign on with our agency until they have a child, although it can be quicker or longer depending on the legal requirements involved and the course of the IVF treatment.

What is the difference between gestational surrogacy and traditional surrogacy?

​There are two types of surrogacy—gestational surrogacy and traditional surrogacy. In a typical gestational surrogacy arrangement, intended parents create embryos through in vitro fertilization. One or more of these embryos is implanted in a surrogate (sometimes known as a gestational carrier), who carries the child or children to term, but has no genetic relationship to them. Gestational surrogacies makeup the vast majority of modern surrogacy arrangements.

By contrast, traditional surrogates typically become pregnant through artificial insemination, and have a genetic connection to the child or children they carry for their intended parents. At Circle, we only provide gestational surrogacy services.

Can I be a parent if I’m single?

​Of course! We work with intended parents of all backgrounds—single individuals, same-sex couples and heterosexual couples.

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