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How to Afford Surrogacy with our Financing Plan

We understand that planning for surrogacy costs can be challenging. At Circle Surrogacy & Egg Donation, our focus is to provide our intended parents with the best chance of success at having a baby, and cost security throughout their journey. We are the first agency to proudly offer a financing plan to help even more intended parents experience the joys of parenthood through surrogacy and egg donation.

 Introducing the first-ever financing plan for surrogacy & egg donation

Introducing the first-ever financing plan for surrogacy & egg donation

Circle Surrogacy & Egg Donation is excited to offer an exclusive financing plan, through our partnership with Origin Finance, LLC, to help make surrogacy an option for even more intended parents to grow their families.

This financing plan, together with Circle Surrogacy's Journey Protection Guarantee Program option, enables intended parents to better plan for the costs of surrogacy and egg donation, and to help eliminate surprise expenses along the way.

 About Origin Finance

About Origin Finance

Origin Finance offers loans of up to $100,000 for IVF, egg freezing, embryo preservations, gestational surrogacy, egg donations and more. Based on conversations with over 70,000 intended parents over the past 25 years, Origin offers fertility loans for all types of families, created by fertility experts. Learn more at Origin Finance.

Benefits of the financing plan

Our financing plan option allows Intended Parents to borrow up to $100,000 towards the cost of their journey through Origin Finance and its partners, and pay that portion over terms ranging from three (3) to fifteen (15) years. APRs start at 2.25% (with discounts).

Additional highlights for intended parents of this financing plan include:

  • Lowest Rates in the Industry1 Origin Finance offers rates as low as 2.25% APR through our partners.2
  • Comprehensive Loan Options These loans can be used to cover IVF, egg freezing, embryo preservation, gestational surrogacy, medication, travel to/from appointments, and more.
  • No Transaction Fees or Pre-Payment Penalties Designed with you and your journey in mind, our loans have no origination fees, maintenance fees, or prepayment fees.3

This plan was designed to be used with Circle Surrogacy & Egg Donation to help as many intended parents as possible grow their families.

Who qualifies for the financing plan?

Intended Parents who choose our Journey Protection Guarantee Program for a Surrogacy Only or Surrogacy Plus Egg Donation Journey are eligible for the financing plan. Intended Parents must also meet Origin's underwriting criteria.

Applicants must have sufficient and permanent ties to the US.

Financing Plan Options

The chart below provides total surrogacy program costs and financing options, as well as when payments are due to Circle Surrogacy.

In all 3 surrogacy programs, the total borrowed amount of $65,000 can be paid with either 36-month or 72-month loan.

The APR is 6.25% for a 36-month loan, and 7.75% for a 72-month loan.

*The APR is 6.25% for a 36-month loan, with 35 monthly payments of $1,985.00, and 1 final payment of $1,966.75; or 7.75% for a 72-month loan, with 71 even monthly payments of $1,132.00, and 1 final payment of $1,101.38

How do I apply for the financing plan?

Intended Parents who are interested in financing part of their journey through Origin Finance, can contact us with questions or for more information, or to submit their application via email. Or you can also call us at 415.906.7278

Or, if Intended Parents have already spoken with Circle Surrogacy about their journey, they can inform their Parent Intake Associate that they are interested in learning more about financing and filling out an application with Origin.

If you haven't yet filled our our Intended Parent form to learn more about surrogacy with Circle Surrogacy & Egg Donation, that's a great first step!

IVF and Surrogacy Insurance Costs

IVF Costs

For a surrogacy journey, IVF costs and program options vary by clinic and your family planning needs. Intended parents can often choose between package options that include egg donation and/or embryo creation, plus IVF transfers, or, for those who've already created embryos – IVF transfers alone.

IVF Costs

Surrogacy Insurance

To ensure intended parents receive proper coverage, Circle will help assess and defend insurance policies and cases. We will work with health care providers to manage your liability as parents to any maternity related claims through a variety of measures, including through the surrogate’s health insurance, and/or a back-stop plan.

More About Insurance

Financing Plan FAQs

Questions about Circle Surrogacy's financing plan with Origin Finance, LLC? Here is are common questions asked by Intended Parents about the financing plan for surrogacy.

Can Intended Parents apply individually?

Yes. An intended parent may apply for credit individually, or two intended parents may apply for credit jointly.

Can Intended Parents apply with a co-signer?

Yes. Co-signers do not need to be a relative of the Intended Parent.

What is the Annual Percentage Rate (APR) and exact monthly payment amounts?

APRs start at 2.25% with discounts via our partners.

The APRs for our most common loans, which commence at match and are exclusively for surrogacy journeys, are 6.25% for a 36-month loan, with 35 monthly payments of $1,985, and 1 final payment of $1,966.75; or 7.75% for a 72-month loan, with 71 even monthly payments of $1,132 and 1 final payment of $1,101.38.

Please inquire for details.

Will the interest rate change throughout my journey?

No, the interest rate remains fixed.

Can the Intended Parent(s) pay back the Origin loan early?

Yes, the loan can be paid back early without incurring a penalty.

What if the Intended Parents move while still under Origin's financing plan?

Once the loan has been originated, you may move within the United States without affecting your loan. Intended Parent(s) must be a US citizen or Permanent Resident when the loan is originated.

How do Intended Parents qualify for Origin's financing plan?

Applicants must have sufficient and permanent ties to the US. Intended parents may qualify for financing if they meet the applicable criteria such as a high credit score.

Do I need a certain amount of assets to qualify?

You do not. Approval will be case dependent based on income and assets.

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1Based on an industry review of uncollateralized fertility loans conducted on 2/1/21.

2Products and rates not available in all markets. Not all lenders available to lend in all states. Annual Percentage Rate. Rates effective as of May 1, 2021, and are subject to change. Borrower must open a First Republic ATM Rebate Checking account. Terms and conditions apply to the Account. If the Account is closed, the rate will increase by 5.00%. Rates shown include relationship-based pricing adjustments of: 1) 2.00% for maintaining automatic payments and direct deposit with the Account, 2) 0.50% for depositing and maintaining a deposit balance of at least 10% of the approved loan amount into the Account, and 3) an additional 0.25% for depositing and maintaining a deposit balance of at least 20% of the approved loan amount into the Account. Minimum $500 to open an ATM Rebate Checking account. A monthly fee (currently $25) will apply if a minimum monthly average balance of $3,500 is not maintained. Domestic and foreign ATM access fees are rebated at the end of the monthly cycle. Foreign currency conversion and other usage fees vary by country and network and are not included in the rebated ATM access fees. Contact your legal, tax and financial advisors for advice on deciding whether this is the right product for you. Terms and conditions apply. Product is not available in all markets. For a complete list of locations, visit Applicants must meet a First Republic banker to open account. This is not a commitment to lend; all lending is subject to First Republic’s underwriting standards. Applicants should discuss line of credit terms, conditions and account details with their banker.

3Some loans are subject to an application fee.