Who We Are

Dear Parents, Surrogates and Egg Donors,

My name is John Weltman. I'm a dad through surrogacy, a lawyer and the founder of Circle Surrogacy and Circle Egg Donation. I attended Yale University, Oxford University in England and the University of Virginia, from which I have my Bachelor's, Master's and J.D. (law) degrees. I have practiced law all over the world, and am admitted for all purposes in Massachusetts, New York and California. I was the first to establish the right of couples to get insurance coverage for gestational surrogacy in Massachusetts, and I have repeatedly obtained pre-birth orders, step parent and second parent adoptions for gay and straight couples and singles having children through surrogacy throughout the country. I have also worked closely with lawyers and parents from six continents and over 73 countries to get legal recognition of their children in their home countries.

I take great pride in trying to make a positive impact on the domestic and international surrogacy process. I understand the frustration of thinking I would never have a child of my own. I am passionate about the caring hearts of the surrogates and egg donors that are in my program, and I know from personal experience how wonderful it can be for a child to be able to know how he or she came into the world, and to meet all those who made his existence possible. I genuinely believe that miracles can be expected through surrogacy.

John Weltman, Founder of Circle Surrogacy


Our Fundamentals

You are thinking about making one of the most important decisions of your life: bringing a child into the world and giving it all the love, devotion, and caring needed to ensure that s/he leads a happy, well-balanced, and fulfilling life. Circle Surrogacy has been involved in more than 1,500 births so you can be sure there is nothing you will go through in your surrogacy journey that we have not seen before and cannot see you through.

Unparalleled Services
  • Unlimited Matching Occasionally, matches between intended parents and gestational carriers or egg donors are unsuccessful. All intended parents who choose Circle are entitled to unlimited free rematches with gestational carriers and/or egg donors. Circle will charge no additional fees for future Carrier or Egg Donor Agreements. Additionally, Circle has agreements with the attorneys who most often represent carriers and egg donors and the person who provides psychological screenings so there will be no additional charges by these parties either.
  • Unlimited IVF Program In 2012, we partnered with Pacific Fertility Center of Los Angeles (PFC-LA) to develop an exclusive, unlimited IVF program. For the price of a single-IVF procedure at many IVF clinics, our intended parents can take advantage of all the two-embryo transfers they need until they have a baby.
  • Fixed Fee Program This program guarantees surrogate and egg donor related fees, agency fees, and legal costs in designated amounts, removing financial uncertainty. Intended parents learn exactly what these costs will be from the beginning.
  • Circle Concierge The Circle Concierge program expands our standard offerings for intended parents who seek additional services, assistance, and guidance during their journey. It includes access to a single, skilled and experienced point of contact who will serve as your Concierge on call during your surrogacy arrangement. You’ll find a high level of flexibility, support, and supervision is available through this program. To learn more about this service, please contact Jen Rachman (jrachman@circlesurrogacy.com).
Expertise in Diverse Communities
  • We are experts at working with international Intended Parents from around the world. Our attorneys stay familiar with the laws of those countries, matching intended parents with surrogates and getting everyone home safely with the passports they desire.
  • We work with intended parents from all backgrounds – gay couples, heterosexual couples, and single individuals. Circle was founded by a gay couple who have been together for more than 35 years. Their sons were two of the first children born through surrogacy, one to each dad through the same surrogate mom. Further, our staff includes former surrogates, egg donors, and gay and straight parents through surrogacy.
  • We work with Harvard Professor Ann Kiessling of Bedford Research Labs to help HIV-positive men safely have children through our SPAR program.
Relationship-Building and Long-Term Support
  • We have always emphasized known egg donation.  Although you are welcome to choose anonymous or semi-known donation, we believe nothing is more important for the psychological and physical well-being of your child than having an egg donor who is available later to meet your child, if he or she desires, and to update you on medical history changes should they occur.
  • We build relationships between intended parents and surrogates (and known egg donors). We believe this makes the process more rewarding to everyone involved, including the children, who can later meet the women who helped bring them into the world.
  • We do this by providing support to everyone throughout the process, from the time of consultation through the return home and even after. Everyone is assigned a program coordination team offering full support throughout the entire process.
  • We think long term. We prepare for every possibility that may arise.