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99.3% surrogacy success rate – guaranteed

How successful a surrogacy agency is should be one of the criteria intended parents use to find an agency. Circle Surrogacy has been making parenthood possible for over 27 years, and we're the most successful surrogacy agency with a success rate of 99.3% for parents; we've been guaranteeing intended parents bring home a baby at the end of their journey for over two decades.

Circle Surrogacy's audited success rates for intended parents having a baby in our program

 Partner with the most successful surrogacy agency.

Partner with the most successful surrogacy agency.

Surrogacy is a monumental emotional and financial journey, and intended parents want to know what their chances of having a baby through surrogacy truly are.

Circle Surrogacy values transparency. By sharing our success rates, we hope to help educate intended parents on how choosing the right surrogacy agency will help guarantee their success of having a baby.

Surrogacy success rates

Over the past 500+ surrogacy journeys, Circle Surrogacy is proud to share the success rates for surrogacy journeys where intended parents brought home a baby:

95.4% success rate for journeys with at least one transfer
98.4% Success rate for those who had a baby from their first transfer, or completed at least two transfers
99.3% Success rate for those who had a baby from their first two transfers, or completed at least three transfers

It is not uncommon for intended parents to have to do more than one embryo transfer to achieve a viable surrogate pregnancy. For intended parents who are able to continue on their journey and complete 3 or more transfers, they will see success!

Circle Surrogacy is confident in their success helping parents achieve their dreams of parenthood and we've had our success rates audited by a reputable tax and audit firm. If you're interested in a copy of the report, please email us.

These success rates include both Gestational Surrogacy (GS) and Gestational Surrogacy with Egg Donation (GSED) completed journeys.

Why is a surrogacy agency's success rate so important?

When you begin a surrogacy journey, you want to be sure you're working with the best agency, and that you're going to be successful. Surrogacy is expensive, and having an agency with a high success rate that can guarantee you'll end your journey with a baby puts intended parents' minds at ease.

Intended parents who turn to surrogacy may have had a long journey to parenthood up to that point, struggling with infertility, and may have already seen high costs to have a baby, and without success.

We want to help give intended parents peace of mind that when they work with us, we'll do everything we can to get them to the finish line.

That's why our success is not only important to intended parents, but it's important to us, too.

What makes a successful surrogacy agency?

When you first begin considering surrogacy as an option to have a baby, you may feel overwhelmed at what to look for in a surrogacy agency. The key to finding a surrogacy agency is to ensure an agency is reputable, has longevity, and – most important – has proven success in helping people have babies through surrogacy.

A successful surrogacy agency has:

• Years of experience working with intended parents, surrogates and egg donors
• A robust surrogacy process, managed by an experienced team
• An in-depth understanding of the legalities of surrogacy, in the U.S. and international surrogacy laws
• Strong clinic relationships
• Passion for creating families
• Transparency around how much surrogacy costs

When comparing surrogacy agencies, intended parents should do their research! There are many surrogacy agencies out there, but they are not all created equally.

 Smiling Parents with their sleeping child
"When reading up on different agencies, what caught our attention with Circle Surrogacy was that literally everybody online said "the surrogate we were matched with is amazing!" Nothing can be more true about this journey!"
- Peter and Marcus, Parents through Circle Surrogacy

5 things that set Circle apart from other surrogacy agencies.

Circle Surrogacy is one of the oldest surrogacy agencies in the world, making parenthood possible for over 2,300 families. We are leaders in the surrogacy agency, forward-thinkers who are continually updating our ways of working to better fit the needs of intended parents, the ever-changing surrogacy laws, and advancements in reproductive technologies.

For intended parents comparing surrogacy agencies, here are 5 things that set Circle Surrogacy apart from other agencies.

1. We're a full-service agency.
Being "full-service" means we have all parties associated with a surrogacy journey – social workers, case managers, accountants and lawyers – right at Circle Surrogacy. Having all of these services in-house and available to parents eliminates the need to go outside of the agency for services.

2. We have personal experience.
44% of Circle Surrogacy's staff are experienced parents, surrogates or egg donors through the program, as well as parents through IVF and adoption.

3. We encourage relationships between parents, surrogates and egg donors.
By forming a strong relationship, intended parents have the opportunity to get to know the wonderful surrogate who’s selflessly devoting her time, body and energy to make their dream a reality. Many surrogates and intended parents truly feel like a family by the end of the process and we genuinely believe fostering this relationship is the best way to bring a baby into the world. If parents require an egg donor, we always recommend known egg donation (though ultimately it's up to the parents and donor).

4. We practice a high-quality process for screening our surrogates and donors.
Circle Surrogacy only accepts a very small percentage of candidates who apply. All prospective surrogate and egg donor candidates must undergo a rigorous screening process which includes:
• An in-depth interview with licensed social workers
• A psychological exam (egg donor candidates complete the exam after being chosen by the intended parents)
• Criminal and financial background checks
• Medical records reviewed by a consulting physician.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) requires infectious disease screenings, which are completed once parents have been matched and are ready to begin their journey.

5. We offer an all-inclusive Journey Protection Guarantee Program to help control costs.
We are always looking for ways to help make surrogacy more affordable for our intended parents. Our Journey Protection Guarantee offers intended parents an all-inclusive program that covers all Surrogate fees and expenses for unlimited transfers and any complications that may arise during your journey, and no surprise costs or invoices, even in scenarios that require a rematch with a new Surrogate. This way, we can control costs for parents as much as possible while also removing any financial uncertainty they might have. This means that we will fix costs for certain aspects of your journey; so no matter what happens, you pay the same cost and Circle Surrogacy takes on the risk.

 Intended Parents meeting surrogate mother

What is the first step to starting surrogacy?

If you're reading this page, you've already begun researching surrogacy companies and agencies. If you're considering surrogacy to grow your family, these are the steps to starting surrogacy:

Do your research!
Surrogacy is a wonderful way to grow a family, but it's not for everyone. You likely have a lot of questions including how much do you pay a surrogate. Understanding how the surrogacy process works, what to expect in a surrogacy journey and surrogacy costs will help you make an informed decision.

Compare agencies.
There are many surrogacy agencies out there, and each one offers something different. Some are smaller and offer a few surrogacy services, others – like Circle Surrogacy – are larger and offer all services under one roof. The surrogacy process can be complex, and intended parents who wish to have the process managed for them may want to opt for a more full-service agency.

Meet with your top agency choices.
Meeting with a surrogacy agency is not a commitment to sign on with them; instead, it's an opportunity for you to share your story and ask questions. It's also a good way to do a personality check to see if you and the agency "click".

5 star reviews of Circle Surrogacy

Nicole, Intended Parent

After doing months and months of research, we chose Circle Surrogacy to help us complete our family. They were an incredibly thorough, knowledgeable, stable, and supportive agency that is always accessible and communicative. From our first meeting, they were honest and open to our questions and concerns. Each person we worked with throughout the journey was professional and responsive. We were matched with the most amazing gestational carrier and have an amazing relationship with her and her family still today. Choosing an agency to start/complete your family is a hard decision, and growing a family is also a very stressful experience. We were so happy that we chose Circle Surrogacy and I would recommend them entirely to anyone considering the process.

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Holly, Gestational Surrogate

My experience with Circle Surrogacy has been nothing but the best since I applied for my first journey almost 2 years ago. The staff are quick with responses, they are very open, honest and helpful to answer any questions I had from start to finish and even after I delivered my surrogate baby, and showed compassion and support every step of the way as well. From being a surrogate I have come in contact with some ladies who have been surrogates through other surrogacy agencies and it seems as though their experience(s) have been less enjoyable than mine because their agency lacked communication or empathy and it made it very difficult for their surrogates. Circle makes sure that their surrogates and intended parents are always in the loop and on the same page, and I couldn't have asked for anything more for my first time being a surrogate!

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