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Anthony M. Brown, Esq., Manager of Client Services

Anthony M. Brown, Esq.

Anthony is the Manager of Client Services at Circle, focusing his efforts on Intended Parent Support and Clinic Partnership Development. Anthony is a proud parent through surrogacy, and enjoys helping other intended parents navigate their surrogacy journeys at the beginning stages. Anthony is the founder of Time For Families Law, PLLC. Anthony was a senior associate with the law firm of Chianese & Reilly Law, P.C. for 17 years, heading their Family and Estates Law division serving married and unmarried individuals and couples in Manhattan and on Long Island. Anthony is the Chairman Emeritus of Men Having Babies, a non-profit organization created to assist gay men looking to create families through surrogacy with educational and financial assistance. Anthony was the Executive Director of The Wedding Party and was a Board member since its inception in 1999. The Wedding Party was a non-profit educational organization that educated the public about marriage and its importance to all citizens through outreach programs and strategic media placement. Anthony is a member of The Family Law Institute of the National Gay and Lesbian Bar Association, the New York State Bar Association and the committee for assisted reproduction of the American Bar Association. Anthony and his husband were the subjects of CNN's, "In America, Gary and Tony Have a Baby," a 2010 documentary about their journey of having a child through surrogacy.

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