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Our partners: Fertility (IVF) Clinics

Discover the medical partners who are integral to Circle Surrogacy and share the same desire as us: to help grow happy and healthy families.

 Shady Grove Fertility

Shady Grove Fertility

SGF is a leading fertility and IVF center of excellence with more than 85,000 babies born and 5,000+ 5-star patient reviews. With locations throughout FL, GA, MD, NY, PA, VA, and D.C., SGF offers patients virtual physician consults, delivers individualized care, and makes treatment affordable through innovative financial options, including 100% refund guarantees. More physicians refer their patients to SGF than any other center. Call 1-888-761-1967 or visit
 CCRM Fertility

CCRM Fertility

As global pioneer in fertility science, research and treatment, CCRM offers its patients best-in-class patient care and access to a network of award-winning physicians, a full suite of fertility services, innovative technology and cutting-edge labs. CCRM Fertility was founded in 1987 by Dr. William Schoolcraft and since its inception, has achieved international recognition for clinical excellence and advanced research in the field of reproductive medicine. CCRM’s proprietary approach has resulted in patient outcomes that far exceed the industry average for live births. CCRM proudly serves 11 major metropolitan areas with 25 locations across the U.S. and Canada, including Atlanta, Boston, Dallas, Denver, Houston, New York, Northern Virginia/D.C., Minneapolis, Orange County, San Francisco Bay Area and Toronto.
 The Fertility Center of Las Vegas

The Fertility Center of Las Vegas

The Fertility Center of Las Vegas is recognized internationally as one of the leading fertility clinics in the world with high success rates, years of experience and a commitment to the advancement of fertility research.
 Reproductive Medicine Associates (RMA)

Reproductive Medicine Associates (RMA)

Since 1999, RMA has been the leader in assisted reproductive technology and helped bring 60,000 babies to loving families across the US and countries abroad. RMA’s comprehensive patient-centered care and fertility breakthroughs result in highly recognized IVF delivery rates in the US and the world.
 Illume Fertility

Illume Fertility

Illume Fertility believes patient care begins with a partnership between patients and award-winning, board-certified reproductive endocrinologists. Personalized fertility treatment plans include IVF, sperm and egg donation, cutting-edge genetic testing technology and Select CCS (Comprehensive Chromosome Screening).

Discover More of Our Clinic Partners

San Diego Fertility Center

With more than 70 years of collective experience diagnosing and treating infertility, SDFC is a leading fertility provider in San Diego, and is proud to host patients from throughout the world for IVF and other fertility treatments.

California Fertility Partners

California Fertility Partners is internationally recognized as a premier center for fertility care. The fertility center’s physicians have been at the forefront of this specialized field of medicine for over three decades and are responsible for creating some of the world’s first IVF babies.

New England Fertility Institute

New England Fertility is a premier international destination for families pursuing fertility treatment. Led by world-renowned reproductive endocrinologist, Dr. Gad Lavy, our state-of-the-art center provides superior, personalized care to fulfill your dreams of starting a family.

Why Circle?
 ORM Fertility

ORM Fertility

ORM Fertility is a world-class fertility center that is passionately committed to helping people grow their families. Founded in 1989, ORM offers individuals and couples a wide variety of treatment options utilizing the most cutting-edge technology available.

ORM is committed to achieving the highest success rates while providing a customized, compassionate patient experience. Unrivaled expertise, outstanding results and personalized care make ORM one of the most highly sought-after fertility centers in the world.


Why should I choose working with an agency versus going independent?
We believe working with an agency is to your advantage as we provide full support and guidance throughout the entire process. All aspects of the surrogacy journey are handled by our team, from matching, to screening, to legal work, to social work support. This enables us to handle any challenges that may arise, so that you can focus on your pregnancy, and building a relationship with your intended parents.
Why should I choose Circle Surrogacy as an intended parent?

When you embark on a journey with Circle, we promise to be beside you every step of the way. We promise to educate, lead and guide you through your surrogacy and egg donation journey. We will work tirelessly to help you achieve success and fulfill your dream.

We are a full-service agency. You will work closely with a Journey Coordination team who will guide and support you throughout your entire journey, including social work, legal and billing support. Circle is the only agency in the world to provide unparalleled program offerings for parents, such as unlimited surrogate and egg donor matching, and an unlimited IVF package. We employ an in-house legal staff who is well-versed in reproductive and surrogacy law and insurance contracts.

At Circle, we have the highest level of dedication to building families than any other agency. We'll help you navigate the road, smooth the bumps, and cheer when we reach our destination. Every person who works at Circle is dedicated to doing everything they can to help you build your family. The Circle Staff goes above and beyond to help you achieve your dream of parenthood.

Why should I choose Circle Surrogacy as a surrogate mother?
We love this question. There are many benefits of becoming a Circle Surrogate. We're a full-service, relationship-based agency with over twenty years of experience, our two-way matching process focuses on finding the best fit for you and your intended parents and we offer extensive support to our surrogates from the moment you start researching through the pregnancy, delivery and beyond. By becoming a surrogate with Circle, you're joining a family of hundreds of incredible women who've helped start and grow families over the last two decades.
What is the typical profile of intended parents in Circle's program?
It's difficult to give a sense of "typical" intended parents in our program since they come from around the world and all types of backgrounds. Generally, about 55% of our intended parents identify as gay and 45% identify as straight. Approximately 43% of Circle's intended parents live in the United States and 57% live abroad. Finally, 88% are couples and 12% are single individuals. When you apply to become a surrogate, we will ask about your matching preferences to make sure you are comfortable with the intended parents you will be working with.

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