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How Intended Parents and Surrogates are Matched

One of the most exciting parts of the surrogacy process is the matching of intended parents and their surrogate. At Circle Surrogacy, the perfect match depends on a few key factors. And once that match is in place, we encourage the development of strong relationships between all parties. After all, you're about to embark on one of life's most monumental journeys!

Finding the Right Match Matters

At Circle, our Matching Specialists work closely with you to ensure you are finding the best possible match. Because of this, our intended parents and surrogates go on to develop strong bonds during – and after – their journey.

Watch Mandi and Nicola's sweet surrogacy story and see how strong the relationship between surrogate and an intended parent can be.

 The surrogacy matching process.

The surrogacy matching process.

When intended parents and surrogates are matched, it's a very exciting time during the journey. Parents and surrogates may feel some apprehension and nervousness, but above all, they should feel excitement at the prospect of being matched for this extraordinary experience.

At Circle, we work hard to find the best possible match for all parties. Unlike other agencies, intended parents and surrogates may not see multiple profiles from which they can choose. Instead, matches are hand-selected based on preferences of both parties, plus additional criteria.

What are the considerations for matching intended parents and surrogates?

When gestational carriers and intended parents begin working with Circle, they are asked questions to help determine the best possible match.

Surrogate mothers will work with their prescreening coordinator to find the best match. Surrogate matching criteria includes her preferences on:

• Level of communication during the journey
• Location of the intended parents (in the U.S. or international)
• Number of embryos to transfer
• Views on selective reduction and termination

Intended Parents will work closely with their Program Coordination team in identifying their needs and wants in a surrogate mother. Intended Parent matching criteria includes their preferences on:

• Level of communication during the journey
• Location of the surrogate
• Number of embryos to transfer
• Views on selective reduction and termination

3 criteria for matching intended parents and surrogates.

Circle focuses on 3 factors when determining a good match between intended parents and surrogates.

1. Appropriate Legal Fit.

In the United States, each state has its own laws regarding surrogacy. In addition, each country we assist has different requirements and laws regarding surrogacy. Therefore, our legal team ensures that the laws of the surrogate’s home state (where the delivery will take place) complement the laws of intended parents' home state/country. The legal department will always approve a match from a legal standpoint before a surrogate profile is presented to intended parents. We will never knowingly present matches that are not a safe legal fit.

Surrogacy laws by state
2. Personality Fit and Surrogacy Expectations.

Once the legal team presents its list of safe matches, the matching team reviews the list to ensure good personality fits, since we want this to be a comfortable relationship throughout the entirety of the journey. Both surrogates and intended parents undergo phone calls or in-person meetings with the Circle team early in the process; these meetings helps determine your personality as it relates to surrogacy. We also look at IP and surrogate’s expectations and hopes for the journey including number of embryos to transfer and communication styles.

More about matching
3. Expectations Surrounding Termination and Selective Reduction.

We ask IPs and surrogates their views on termination of a pregnancy as we want to create a match of IPs and surrogates who share similar views. In the United States, all women have the constitutional right to choose whether or not to undergo an abortion. Therefore, we want to ensure that the views of the surrogate and the views of the intended parents align in the event a situation arises where a reduction or termination is considered. In our experience, many intended parents prefer the option to make the choice of termination.

What is surrogacy?
 Meeting your surrogate or intended parents for the first time.

Meeting your surrogate or intended parents for the first time.

Once we have a potential match between a surrogate and intended parents, our matching team will email both parties each other's profiles with all identifying information removed. Circle will request that everyone reviews the profiles as soon as possible. If both parties are interested, we assist in scheduling a Skype call. If everyone feels that it is a good fit after the call, you are considered officially matched! If either party does not want to proceed with the match, we will find new suitable match options for both parties.

What if I don't like the first match I'm sent?

While our matching team does a phenomenal job of matching parents and surrogates, there are times when a match is sent that doesn't feel right. And that's ok! Giving honest feedback on why you are saying no to a match will help us get it right the second time.

What if I'm unsure of the match?

Many times, if you're unsure about a match, we may suggest that you go ahead and Skype to see if the match is a good fit. Because this process is most likely new, it's sometimes hard to know what criteria to use to determine if a match is right for you. In some cases, it takes seeing your match and getting to know them via a video call for you to truly make a decision.

What criteria should I use to determine if a match is right for me?

The criteria you use to determine a good match is personal to you. Some parents look to hear why a surrogate had applied to do a surrogacy journey. Some gestational carriers like to hear intended parents' past - how they met, and why they are interested in growing their family. Other times, it's a gut feeling that it's "right". One surrogate shared with us, "When we started our video call to get to know the intended parents I connected with them instantly and just knew immediately that I wanted to help them!"

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