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Our Boston, MA, Office

 Boston, MA Office
200 High Street, Suite 600
Boston, MA 02110
Phone: (617) 439-9900

Hours of Operation

Monday through Friday: 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Many couples and individuals who wish to become parents, surrogates or egg donors turn to the supportive and experienced team at our highly successful gestational surrogacy and egg donation agency. The Boston, Massachusetts, location of Circle Surrogacy is set in the heart of the Financial District overlooking the Boston Harbor. This office has convenient access from Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA) Red, Orange, and Blue Line Subway stations and South Shore commuter boats.

Map of Area Surrounding Circle Surrogacy Boston, MA
 Welcome to our Boston, MA Surrogacy & Egg Donation Office

Welcome to our Boston, MA Surrogacy & Egg Donation Office

Circle Surrogacy & Egg Donation was founded in 1995, and is headquartered in the beautiful and bustling city of Boston, Massachusetts.

Circle offers support and services for potential parents, surrogates, and egg donors from all over the United States – as well as potential parents from around the world. So while you do not need to live in Boston or New England or the Northeast to work with Circle, should you wish to have your surrogacy agency close by, our surrogacy agency in Boston is easy to visit.

Surrogacy and egg donation services offered in Boston

Circle Surrogacy & Egg Donation is a full-service agency, offering all of our surrogacy, surrogacy plus egg donation and egg donation only services.

Becoming a Parent

Those who need assistance growing their families through surrogacy and/or egg donation will find that Circle offers a variety of parent programs, as well as an all-inclusive cost program that provides cost security for intended parents.

Learn more about how we can help you grow your family:

Becoming a Gestational Surrogate

Being a surrogate – or gestational carrier – is one of the biggest gifts you could ever give another person. Enabling others to experience the joy of parenthood is so rewarding, and Circle would not be the premier agency we are without the women who are Circle Surrogates.

Circle offers the most comprehensive surrogate program in the country, with best-in-class support and a compensation package that provides security and protection for our surrogates and their families.

Learn more about our surrogate program:

Becoming an Egg Donor

Egg donors are giving young women who make parenthood possible for so many. Donating eggs with Circle Egg Donation is safe and secure. Women who apply to be egg donors have the opportunity choose which type of egg donation they wish to do; many egg donors choose Known Egg Donation so they can get to the know the intended parents whom they are helping.

Learn more about being an egg donor:

Do I have to live in Boston in order to work with Circle Surrogacy & Egg Donation?

No! Intended parents, surrogates and egg donors do not need to live in Boston, in Massachusetts or even on the East Coast in order to work with us. Surrogates and donors can live anywhere in the US, and intended parents can live anywhere in the US or abroad and can apply with us.

Fun fact: you will not need to travel to the Boston office at all! All of our communications are done via video, phone and email. The only travel you will need to do is to the fertility clinic.

Of course, if you do live nearby or will be in the Boston area, we'd love to meet you in person!

How do I get in touch with someone in the Boston office?

There are a few ways to get in touch with the Circle team:

By phone: 617.439.9900

By email:

Intended Parents: [email protected]

Surrogates: [email protected]

Egg donors: [email protected]

Do you only work with clinics in the Boston, MA area?

No, we work with clinics all across the United States. We have clinics with whom we've worked with for many years, and we are introduced to new clinics often by our intended parents.

Our Boston, MA Surrogacy Agency Office Team

Parent Through IVF badge

Sam Hyde


Parent Through Surrocacy badge

John Weltman, Esq.

Founder of Circle Surrogacy

Dean Hutchison, Esq.

Vice President of Legal Services

Scott Buckley, Esq.

Vice President of Client Services

Parent Through Adoption badge

Emily Sonier

Director of Culture and Program Support, LICSW

Parent Through Surrocacy badge

Kristin Marsoli

Director of Marketing

Solveig Gramann

Director of Surrogate Services, LICSW

Parent Through Surrocacy badge

Nancy Weatherby

Outreach Manager

Lauren Davitt

Senior Manager of Parent Intake

Sarah Marino

Manager of Community Development and Analysis

Ryan Peterson

Parent Intake Associate

Anna Syme

Senior Social Worker, LICSW

Faith Perez

Social Worker, LCSW

Hannah Tetrault

Social Worker, LCSW

Amanda Corsaro, Esq.

Legal Manager

Kate Gaskill, Esq.

Legal Manager

Bridget Reardon, Esq.


Kimberly Sharpe, Esq


Taylor A. Owings, Esq.


Olivia Hart-Paulson, Esq


MeKenzie Mattheson


Victoria Laratonda


Jennifer Skarinka

Manager of Travel and Events

Devon LeGrow

Digital Marketing Manager

Lauren Mello

Social Media & Culture Manager

Melissa Riccioli

Senior Manager of Accounting

Experienced Surrogate badge Parent Through Adoption badge

Megin Scotton

Trust Accountant and Financial Liaison

JiaQi Ding

Trust Account and Financial Liaison

Dounia Hosny

Trust Accountant

Rona Guity-Weekes

Trust Accountant

Parent Through IVF badge

Chandra Juncker

Trust Accountant

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Visiting Circle Surrogacy's Boston Office

Below you'll find driving directions, air travel directions, as well as lodging and restaurant recommendations.

Driving Directions From Somerville, Medford, and points north

  • Take Highway 93 S toward Boston.
  • From the right lane, Take Exit 23 for Purchase Street.
  • You will see the Flour & Grain Exchange building on the right.
  • Turn right onto Oliver Street.
  • Turn right onto High Street.
  • Our office is on the left at 200 High Street in Suite 600.

Driving Directions From Worcester and points west

  • Take I-90 E/Massachusetts Turnpike toward Boston.
  • From the middle lane, take exit 24A-B-24C.
  • Stay right and continue on Exit 24A, following the signs for South Station.
  • Stay left and follow the signs for Highway 3 N.
  • Continue on Atlantic Avenue.
  • Turn left onto Oliver Street/Seaport Boulevard from one of the left 2 lanes.
  • Turn right onto High Street.
  • Our office is on the left at 200 High Street in Suite 600.

Driving Directions From Providence, RI, and points south

  • Take I-95 N toward Boston.
  • Take Exit 12 from one of the 2 right lanes and merge onto I-93 N toward Boston.
  • Stay left to continue on 1-93 N.
  • Take exit 23 for Government Center toward Quincy Market.
  • Follow the signs for Government Center/Financial District.
  • Continue on John F. Fitzgerald Surface Road.
  • You will see the Flour & Grain Exchange building on the right.
  • Continue onto Purchase Street.
  • Turn right onto Oliver Street.
  • Turn right onto High Street.
  • Our office is on the left at 200 High Street in Suite 600.

Boston Logan International Airport (BOS)

Boston Logan International Airport (BOS)


Distance to our office: 3.4 miles (11-minute drive)

Driving directions from BOS to our office:

  • From Transportation Way, turn left onto the Williams Tunnel ramp.
  • Merge onto I-90 W.
  • Take Exit 24-25 toward S Boston.
  • Keep left at the fork and follow the signs for Seaport Boulevard/Downtown.
  • Turn left onto Congress Street.
  • Turn right onto Sleeper Street. The Boston Children's Museum is on the left.
  • Turn left onto Seaport Boulevard. Continue over the Fort Point Channel.
  • Seaport Boulevard becomes Oliver Street.
  • Turn right onto High Street.
  • Our office is on the left at 200 High Street in Suite 600.

Local Hotel Accommodations

Boston Harbor Hotel
70 Rowes Wharf
Boston, MA 02110
(617) 439-7000
5-star hotel
2.2 miles from our office

Hilton Boston Downtown/Faneuil Hall
89 Broad Street
Boston, MA 02110
(617) 556-0006
4-star hotel
0.4 mile from our office

InterContinental Boston
510 Atlantic Avenue
Boston, MA 02210
(617) 747-1000
4-star hotel
2 miles from our office


Bostonia Public House
131 State Street
Boston, MA 02109
(617) 948-9800

569 Columbus Ave
Boston, MA 02118
(617) 536-9500

Lincoln Tavern & Restaurant
425 W Broadway
South Boston, MA 02127
(617) 765-8636