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Meet the team at Circle Surrogacy.

Get to know the amazing men and women who make up our team here at Circle Surrogacy.

Leadership Team

Sam Hyde


John Weltman, Esq.

Founder of Circle Surrogacy

Scott Buckley, Esq.

Vice President of Client Services

Dean Hutchison, Esq.

Vice President of Legal Services

Emily Sonier

Director of Clinical and Program Support, LICSW

Mary Ross

Director of Administration

Kristin Marsoli

Director of Marketing

Angela Rastegar

Director of the West Coast and Asia Pacific

Intended Parent Outreach

Nancy Weatherby

Outreach Manager

Sarah Marino

Manager of Community Development and Analysis

Jen Rachman

Outreach Associate, LCSW

Brett Griffin-Young

International Outreach Associate

Fabien Gaudry

International Outreach Associate

Eva Yu

International Outreach Associate, Chinese Liaison

Lauren Enterkin

Parent Intake Lead Manager

Anthony M. Brown, Esq.

Outreach Associate and Attorney

Journey Coordination

Alicia Abdella

LICSW, Manager, Intended Parent Support

Amanda Caroca

Senior Manager of Program Support, LCSW

Amanda Harry

Manager of Program Support

Michelle Coughlin

Manager of Program Support & Matching Specialist

Ashley Hamer

Program Manager

Jasmine Li

Senior Program Coordinator

Minette Bryant

Senior Program Coordinator

Callie Kolkind

Program Manager

Ashleigh Hulse

Program Manager

Melissa Lockhart

Senior Program Coordinator

Anna Syme

Senior Program Coordinator, LICSW

Ghizlane Gray

Senior Program Coordinator

Jennifer Lee

Program Coordinator

Jenna Simon

Program Coordinator

Megan Steinecke

Program Coordinator

Nicole Czerwinski

Program Coordinator

Jessica Crosby

Program Coordinator

Nataya Redd

Program Coordinator

Surrogate Screening

Solveig Gramann

Senior Manager of Surrogate Intake and Support, LICSW

Christina Bleimeyer

Senior Social Worker, LICSW

Alana Geboff

Senior Social Worker, LICSW

Dylan Tomalin

Senior Social Worker, LCSW & Matching Specialist

Katherine Aleo

Social Worker, LICSW

Kristi Johnson

Manager of Surrogate Intake

Heather Wilkinson

Senior Surrogate Advisor & Matching Specialist

Sarah Harris

Senior Surrogate Advisor

Jessica Pretz

Surrogate Advisor

Mandi Warren

Surrogate Advisor

Egg Donation

Rachel Campbell

Egg Donation Manager, LCSW

Danielle Adwell

Egg Donor Intake and Matching Coordinator

Maddie Arnold

Egg Donor Intake and Matching Coordinator

Legal Team

Natalie Kanellis, Esq.

Senior Counsel

Jessica McCaffrey, Esq.

Legal Manager

Amanda Corsaro, Esq.


Kate Gaskill, Esq.


Kate Svingen

Legal Assistant


Jennifer Skarinka

Manager of Travel and Events

Devon LeGrow

Digital Marketing Manager

Lauren Mello

Social Media Manager


Melissa Riccioli

Senior Manager of Accounting

Megin Scotton

Trust Accountant and Financial Liaison

Dounia Hosny

Trust Accountant

Rona Guity-Weekes

Trust Accountant

Office Administration

Mary Jackson

Office and HR Manager

Sonia Taileb

Administrative Support

Medical Billing

Deanna Moreland

Senior Medical Billing Coordinator

Katiana Figueroa

Medical Billing Coordinator