How much do surrogates get paid?

Compensation for gestational surrogates varies based on whether you've been a surrogate before, your insurance coverage, and the state you live in. There are other factors as well since the compensation is negotiated after matching with your intended parent(s).

Total compensation consists of your base fee plus additional fees that can vary based on the course of your pregnancy and the terms negotiated in your contract, which is also known as your Carrier Agreement. Surrogates get paid up to $55,000 in compensation, including the base fee and the additional fees.

The Base Fee

In general, surrogate applicants should expect the following standard base fees, but can request higher amounts:

Applicants from CA, CO, CT, MA, ME, OR, or VT:

  • $35,000 for first-time surrogates with approved insurance 
  • Surrogates without approved insurance are typically compensated $5,000 less to allow intended parents to purchase them insurance.

Applicants from other states:

  • $30,000 for first-time surrogates with approved insurance 
  • Surrogates without approved insurance are typically compensated $5,000 less to allow intended parents to purchase them insurance.

Experienced surrogates typically receive an additional $5,000 over their previous base fee (assuming their insurance status hasn't changed since their last surrogacy journey)


Your base fee is paid monthly in nine installments beginning with the confirmation of heartbeat, which occurs around six weeks gestation. However, you will receive compensation in the time leading up to that for transfers as well as the medical screening and signing your contract. 

The first payment is the $350 Expedited Screening Bonus. You are eligible to receive $350 if we receive all required paperwork (including previous Prenatal and Delivery records), medical pre-approval AND you and your primary support person complete your Social Work Screening within 3 weeks of submitting your application. In order to receive this bonus, you must match with intended parents in our program.  Of note, this amount is deducted from your base fee, but will be deposited shortly after matching, prior to receiving any other surrogacy payments. Then you receive a $500 advance after you complete your medical screening. Please note, these two payments are deducted from your total base fee. 

Additional Compensation

The total amount of additional compensation surrogates get paid varies based on the course of the pregnancy and the amounts agreed upon during contract negotiations with the intended parents. These standard additional fees include:

  • $750 Transfer fee (for each embryo transfer)
  • Up to $750 for Maternity clothes (paid at 3 months gestational)
  • $200 Monthly stipend for miscellaneous expenses
  • $400 Housekeeping stipend for last month of pregnancy
  • $5,000 in Multiple birth compensation (for carrying twins)
  • $2,500 in Fees for Cesarean section
  • $1,000 for termination or reduction
  • $500 for amniocentesis or other invasive procedures
  • $500 for cancelled cycles
  • $250 for mock cycles
  • $200 Weekly compensation for pumping breast milk (+ reimbursement for supplies) 
  • Post-birth recovery bed rest compensation following your pregnancy
  • Bed rest compensation during your pregnancy (if your doctor requires you to)

Remaining Expenses

Your intended parents cover any necessary travel expenses to your IVF clinic for the screening and transfer, including lost wages or childcare coverage.

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