Hi Circle! I’m doing great! The Dads and Baby left last Thursday but we spent a lot of time with them while they were here. They are such great dads and the whole journey with them was amazing. I’m not sure who to thank for the flowers and necklace that was sent but it was so sweet and I love the necklace ❤️ also the whole process through Circle was amazing. I referred several potential surrogates your way (I think a friend of a friend is currently a surrogate now after I referred her) My labor and delivery was also so smooth and easy. They dads were able to be in the room and cut the cord and do skin to skin. It was all just so great. I couldn’t have asked for a better journey being a first time surrogate. You guys also nailed the personality matching. We are so similar and we’ve gained life-long friends and we are already planning our trip to Norway to visit the Baby for her first birthday!

- Lauren

Circle has been absolutely incredible throughout this entire experience. I have never felt so supported and uplifted. Never at any point in this journey did I feel alone or lost in the details. Minette, Dory, Rachel, and the lawyer(s) that worked with me and my intended parents - even the staff at PFCLA - were always available for questions or concerns and were personally attentive and genuine in their care from the very beginning! This journey was nothing short of an adventure and because of Circle's staff and organization I enjoyed every moment of it!

My heart is so full :)

- Samantha

Our journey has been nothing other than amazing. If anyone deserved to be parents, it is definitely this couple. I was matched with a beautiful couple, parenting came so natural to them!

- Chelsea

My husband and I feel so comfortable moving forward and are happy that we were matched with our intended parents! Thanks again to all the wonderful people at Circle who have answered our questions and spent time talking to us. You really helped my husband and I both feel very comfortable and we look forward to our journey together!

- Heather

Working with Circle has made this experience all the more wonderful. Along the entire journey I really felt like I was given an opportunity to meet my intended parents, get to know them and help them expand their family. Having Circle there to work out all of the details along the way made the bonding experience the focus.

This adventure has changed my life for the better, and now my husband and I and our son will have life-long extended family living in Chicago.

The team at Circle is so wonderful and I am so thankful to all of you for your hard work and dedication to others. You all truly help to make a difference in so many lives.

- Amanda C

Louise is such a doll! She's truly perfect! I feel like a doting grandmother really. I love that little girl with all my heart, but it's so amazing seeing her with her dads. They just love her so much. I hired a photographer to photograph the birth and she truly captures the emotions of it all!

And I feel amazing. I'm a little sore, but overall feel great!

Thank you for your well wishes!!!

- Trista

Thank you all for your kind words and support, and the flowers! My family and I are very happy to be apart of something so beautiful. We feel blessed to have met our Norwegian intended parents and now their little one. We are grateful for their friendship.

Thank you Circle for assisting me in my journey through surrogacy. It is a lifetime experience I am proud to have done.

- Kay

Being a surrogate not once but twice has been such a blessing and life lesson for my kids. They knew at the age of 5 that a family is made of love and that's all you need. My family and I have two new extended families. We still keep in contact with both families and get to see the kiddos grow. I have loved being a part of this and it is without a doubt one of the BEST things I have done with my life.

As my husband told me after I had the first set of twins “you made it possible for the next generation for that family.” I will always have a special place in my heart for my 4 surro babies. If it was up to me I would do it again, but unfortunately my body isn't capable. I even had the pleasure of watching a friend go through the journey. The true reward is seeing faces of the IPs when they see their baby for the first time. That is something I will carry will me forever.

Thank you for making all this possible and I have enjoyed seeing the company grow over the years.

- Dwan K.

It's been an incredible 7 years working with Circle! There's been ups and downs (more ups than downs) and unforgettable moments that I will carry with me for the rest of my life. These experiences have truly changed me for the better and I have so much more respect and understanding for those who deal with infertility and or the journey they go through to have their own biological child/children! I believe many of us take for granted the gift God has given most of us to have children on our own and unassisted. I truly appreciate it now and no longer take it for granted. I'm so happy I was able to help 3 different families and help bring forth 4 beautiful children!! I wouldn't change anything!!!

Well... Maybe that "let's go natural as I've never done that before!" Lol! I fully took for granted the "luxury" of a painless delivery..... At the same time, I can now say I've done it!

You guys have been an incredible team to work with, and I greatly appreciate each and every one of you!!

- Cory Revoldt

I began this journey feeling like one nice person helping out another nice person/persons. I felt we were all on equal playing ground, I help a family, and they help my family. Little did I know I would gain so much more....Masako & Peng are now my extended family! Throughout the entire journey Masako & Peng bent over backwards to make sure I was taken care of, not stressed, and pampered me like I have never been pampered before. Not only did they take care of me, but my family as well. I will never forget the way my little one ran to Masako in that hospital room, and trust me, he does not befriend people easily! They surpassed my expectations from the beginning. I certainly do not feel like a miracle worker or some amazing person, I feel if anyone deserves the thanks, it's Masako & Peng for showing my family that magnificent and beautiful people do still exist. I hope they will forever be apart of our lives. I am beyond happy for them, and can't wait to hear their family stories of raising twins!

Again thank you all for your kind words, but I am no one special, just grateful for the opportunity, and thankful for your help in connecting our families together!

- Alisha

I just wanted to send a thanks to you and your wonderful company/service for the most life changing, great, rewarding, amazing, experience. I have nothing but great things to say about my whole journey. I had a few bumps in the road in the very beginning but then I was matched to the most wonderful couple and I couldn't have been more happy. They are so deserving and incredible and such awesome parents already! :-)

Your staff and efficiency with everything is truly remarkable and a special thanks to Zach and Rachel through my journey, they were very helpful and supportive. What an amazing place you have running.

- Suzanne

I just wanted to thank the whole of Circle for being great the whole journey and for again, accepting me and making it possible for the creation of a Family! I know how important and amazing family is and to be included in the creation of someone else's family is such an honor. Also, thank you for the beautiful bouquet of flowers.

I don't know how I did it. I was amazed at every OB appointment at how the boys were growing and doing so well. As much as I complained, groaned and huffed and puffed to my husband this pregnancy, it really was an easy TWIN pregnancy. A great match was made with Helen, Kevin and myself. Perfect from start to finish.

- Gael

Thank you for the beautiful roses that were sent to me from all of you at Circle. It has been such a pleasure to work with you all. What you do to help people have the families they deserve is amazing! Keep up the good work:)

- April

I'm doing well and baby Mia is so wonderful. I could not have imagined a more perfect family to have met and become family with in this process and am grateful Circle brought us together. As I sit here writing this email, I also happened to receive a beautiful bouquet of flowers from the Circle staff and want to say thank you. They are gorgeous!

- Melissa

I just wanted to thank everyone especially Amanda for giving me the opportunity to be able to change my life, my family's life, and my IF's life. This has been an amazing opportunity and experience that has changed my life and almost everyone around me. I now have a larger family which I have always wanted and I would do anything for them.

Thank you again,

- Misty

Circle Family!

Thank you for the beautiful flowers. I received them last night when I arrived home from the hospital.

Thank you all for facilitating such an amazing journey, I am truly honored to be part of it.

God bless,

- Stacey

I began my journey with Circle Surrogacy in May of 2010 and what an amazing journey it has been! The staff has been wonderful and really made the process smooth for me. They were very kind and always made themselves available.
The first profile that was sent to me turned out to be the perfect match. I could not have been more blessed to help such an amazing couple build their family. I knew becoming a surrogate would be rewarding but not nearly as rewarding and amazing as it turned out to be. This journey was truly a life changing experience for me and for my family. A huge thanks goes out to the staff at Circle Surrogacy for doing such an amazing job. They helped make this experience one I will hold dear to my heart forever. I had such a great experience I plan on continuing to work with Circle in building more families.

- Melissa

Thank you! This has been an amazing journey and I feel extremely blessed to have taken part in Nir, Assaf, Ron and Jonathan's life. There are no words to describe the amazing feeling I have right now. This has been a truly incredible experience. I am also excited to see updates as this beautiful family grows old together. I wish everyone the best as we slowly end this journey together :)

- Amy

It has been a pleasure working with your Agency for three amazing journeys. Your staff has always been great and attentive.

I will be sad to not have surrogacy as part of my life going forward. It's something I have always been passionate about and enjoyed sharing with curious people.

Thanks again for all Circle has done.

- Megin

Thank you so much for your help through the matching process. You have made me feel very comfortable and at ease with this process and yet I've never even met you. I can't say enough positive things about you and your agency to this point. We are kind of stunned by how fast it has gone however it doesn't feel rushed but organized and professional. We are really more excited than I think we thought we would be about this surrogacy journey at this point and I think a lot of that has to do with how much we really enjoyed meeting my IPs and their son, who was so cute and so good during our chat. We look forward to learning more about them and their lives. Again thank you so much for making this as stress free and enjoyable as possible.

- Heather

I wanted to send you and Circle a huge thank you for the beautiful flowers as well as for all the support I received during the surrogacy. It has been several days since I gave birth and I am feeling great- or at least very good ... Mostly I wanted to thank you for introducing me to Mike and Brad. In so many ways and for so many reasons- I feel lucky to have them (and now Patricia) in my life. Since giving birth I have also realized how many people- especially kids- were affected by the surrogacy.

It is very rewarding to think that in my little corner of the world there is a generation of kids who will not think twice about a mom carrying a baby for another family, or that a baby can have two dads.

- Rachael

I became a surrogate after a dear friend had done a journey and I saw the happiness and joy it brought both her and her IP’s.

I have had the best experiences helping my wonderful IP’s become parents: TWICE! They got their little girl and their little boy and now their family is complete. I can’t believe how easy it was to match us. I guess Circle knew that our personalities were perfect for one another! I never thought I would do anything like this in my life, but it’s one of the most rewarding things I have ever done for another person. The staff I worked with are AWESOME! I LOVE Elinor and Emily they’re great at what they do and Rachel is an awesome supporter and counselor. I’ve said I’m complete with my journeys, but if I ever changed my mind, I would certainly want to work with these 3 lovely ladies again! I could not have had better parents to help either! We are all so happy and thrilled. The hardest part of the journey wasn’t the pregnancy in mid-summer, (even if I did whine, haha) it is saying goodbye to my friends so that they can go back home and raise their beautiful children. THANK you all for being part of this experience!

- Cheryll

My experience as a surrogate and working with Circle has been nothing short of spectacular. I was matched with amazing Intended Fathers (now proud fathers!) in November, 2010. They are amazing men that I am now proud to call family. We transferred in March of 2011 and were thrilled to find out that we were pregnant with twins. Our pregnancy was incredible in every way and we delivered healthy and beautiful babies at 35.5 weeks. Over the course of our journey, I developed a real passion for all things surrogacy. I became very active in the surrogacy community and also discovered that I loved speaking with those outside the community about the beauty of surrogacy.

I have a truly amazing, happy life, but when I am able to be a part of something as special as surrogacy, well, it doesn't get any better than that for me.

- Jeni

Thank you all for your support through this journey. It has been absolutely wonderful and this couldn’t have happened to 2 more perfect people to become daddies. The guys already have the most wonderful sparkles in their eyes every time they look at her. They are both great people and have the most beautiful daughter!

Everyone is doing well and thank you for the beautiful flowers from Circle.

- Shannara

Well we are due with a beautiful baby girl! Our ultrasound to find out was a month away, but my guys were going crazy not knowing! So I found a place in Chicago that does 3D ultrasounds and they had different packages. They bought the gender check package & I bought the DVD as a surprise for them (they will see her this Sunday, during our Skype session). The DVD will be the first time my guys will see her in action. They have only seen pictures.

All is well. I'm 18 weeks now but I look like I'm 6 months already!! My guys are so excited!! They just started working on the nursery and are getting ready to start interviewing nannies. They also started working on a name for her and have started recording themselves reading stories in French so she can listen through headphones on my belly. I truly never thought that when I met them in March that our relationship would have such a great bond. Circle did an amazing job matching us :)

- Erika

I cannot imagine doing this journey with anyone other than Circle, and my IF's have also expressed the same feelings. Within 24 hours of completing my questionnaire, I received an email from Jeni. She always responded quickly to my emails, and when I began to hesitate about being a surrogate because of my fear of the injections, she talked me through my nerves and helped me to realize this dream come true would be so worth it.

Each representative I have talked with at Circle since my initial screening with Jeni has been the same. Fatima, Alicia, Elinor, and Emily Sonier...everyone is friendly, everyone is quick to return phone calls or emails, and everyone seems so knowledgeable. Again, I know I'm still early in my journey (our first transfer is next month), but my IF's and I continue to talk about how smooth this process has been. We could never imagine navigating this road without the expertise of Circle.

- Becca

Being a first-time surrogate, Circle has made the experience so fast and easy for me! The team has been absolutely amazing throughout the matching process. Whenever I did not feel comfortable with a potential profile, the social worker was very patient and understanding with me. She immediately began looking for a better fit for me, and because of her, I am now matched with an amazing couple who I am proud to be able to help. Thanks Circle! :)"

- Melody

Thank you very much Elinor for the beautiful roses. Please thank all the staff as well. While I don't want to downplay carrying a baby for 9 months. I think I had a pretty easy job. Circle really is a magical place. All of you make connections for families to go from dreams to reality and you all care so much that everything runs as smoothly as possible. I can't thank you enough for making this choice as easy as you did but giving my family and I an amazing moment in our lives we can be overwhelmingly proud of.

Thank you again for the gorgeous flowers and thank you for bringing such wonderful people into our lives especially Albin, Volker and amazing little Oskar!

- Yessenia

I am very happy and wouldn't trade anything in the world for my journey. It's brought me closer to my husband and gave me two other little ones to love :) This is one happy Mama and one happy Surro mama ;)

- Keena