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Section #2

  • 22. In terms of intended parents you’re willing to work with, please check all that apply.

  • 23. I am willing to donate to Intended Parents who are involved in the SPAR program. (To learn about the SPAR program, click here.)

  • 24. Which type(s) of egg donation arrangement(s) are you open to?

  • 25. My Requested Fee is (US Dollars):

  • 26. If approved as a Circle donor, would you be willing to accept a lower fee to help our less well-off Intended Parents with costs associated with this journey?

  • 27. Would you be willing to travel out of state for a donation cycle? (Expenses related to travel would be covered by the intended parents.)

  • 28. I agree to allow Circle Egg Donation use my photos in marketing materials, if I am accepted into the program.

  • 29. Referred By

  • 30. Have you ever been involved in a lawsuit (including personal bankruptcy)? If yes, please fully describe, including the dates, the reason(s), and outcome(s).

  • 31. Have you or anyone in your family or current household ever been arrested? If yes, please list who, reason(s), date(s), and outcome(s).