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Your Surrogacy
Support System

Being a surrogate is an amazing experience, and one that takes a great amount of emotional, physical and mental dedication. Because of this, Circle puts a heavy emphasis on ensuring a surrogate has a strong support system throughout her journey. This support can come from her agency, her primary support person and her surrogate community.

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Experienced Surrogates on Staff

During the application process, you will be connected to a Surrogate Advisor who will guide you through surrogate screening and help you find the right parent match. At any time you have the opportunity to connect with an experienced surrogate on staff (who very well could be your Surrogate Advisor herself) who can share her personal surrogacy journey with you, and answer all of your questions. 

Dedicated Support Team

Once accepted as a surrogate, you will be introduced to program coordinator and surrogate support team member who is a licensed mental health professional. Both of these team members will be on your journey with you, supporting you at each step, managing the process and ensuring you have as smooth a journey as possible.

Peer-to-Peer Support. Social Community of Experienced Surrogates.

We offer two types of peer support. First, our private Facebook group, which is an active and supportive community of Circle surrogates. Here you can feel comfortable asking questions, sharing stories and photos and learning from other women who are in your shoes. Second is our surrogate support groups, led by social workers, centered around topics and questions we receive directly from our surrogates.

Surrogate Support

From Her Agency

A surrogate who chooses Circle as her agency for her journey is guaranteed best-in-class support from the moment she fills out her application until after she delivers the baby. Support comes in many forms throughout the full journey.


Here’s what support looks like for a surrogate with Circle surrogacy:

Circle truly cares about our surrogates, and we offer many different support opportunities throughout your journey.

A Surrogate’s Primary Support Person

Your Primary Support Person (PSP) is the person who mostly closely shares the surrogacy journey with you. Your PSP has an important job, and should provide you support at every step of the process. We often refer to them as the unsung heroes in the surrogacy journey.

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Who is a Primary Support Person?

A Primary Support Person is someone who agrees to be the person who shares in the surrogacy journey with you. The role of the Primary Support Person is to be the emotional, physical and mental support of the surrogate throughout her journey. This role is so important, that having a PSP is a requirement for all surrogates who apply to become surrogates with Circle Surrogacy.


When it comes to choosing who your Primary Support Person will be, we encourage you to select someone you can trust to be there for the big things as well as the small things that may pop up. Surrogates who have a spouse or partner will tend to select them. However, surrogates who are not partnered or do not have a spouse may choose their mothers, sisters or friends. Your PSP should be someone who is reliable, committed and ready to take on any task.

How a PSP Supports You

Your Primary Support Person will have responsibilities throughout the surrogacy journey, starting with your screening process. A PSP can expect to be part of the following key milestones:

  • The PSP will have their own conversation with a social worker during the application process.

  • When you meet your intended parents for the first time, it’s important to have them also meet your PSP so they can get a sense of who is supporting you while you carry their baby.

  • Your PSP can travel with you on these two milestones; their travel accommodations and lost wages will be paid for.

  • Your PSP may drive you to appointments, help with meal prep, pick up your kids from school – however you need support.

  • You will likely want your support person in the delivery room with you. Your PSP’s job is to keep you comfortable and calm. Many PSPs take on the role of photographer for the intended parents to capture those emotional moments when they first meet their baby.

  • Your PSP should be there to provide whatever type of support you need.

Your Primary Support Person plays an important role in the surrogacy journey. Our goal at Circle is to ensure that every surrogate has the right amount of support for as smooth a journey as possible. Read more about the role of the Primary Support Person.

Surrogate couple posing with "Not the Mommy" and "Not the Daddy" shirts
  • Yes! Both you and the surrogate will be paid lost wages.

  • Yes! Circle ensures that every surrogate has proper insurance in place, both health and life insurance. Both policies are paid for by the intended parents.

  • If you plan to attend the medical screening, you will likely need to only take 1-2 days. For the embryo transfer, you may need to take 4-7 days. However, every journey is different, and the doctor will be able to tell you exactly how much time is needed.

  • 100% yes! You can email Circle at [email protected] and ask to speak with an experienced PSP.

Primary Support Persons FAQs

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