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How Much Does a Surrogate Get Paid?

Our surrogate pay and benefits are flexible and customized to you, as each woman is different and compensated according to her own needs and experiences.

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How Are Surrogates Paid?

Surrogates are compensated throughout the duration of their surrogacy journey, beginning even before they are pregnant. Below, we’ll provide details on what surrogate pay looks like, what is included in your compensation, and a timeline for when you’ll be paid.

How Much Do Surrogates Make?

Typically, as a first-time surrogate, you can earn a total compensation of $55,000 to $65,000+ with added benefits and payments on top of the base compensation of $35,000 to $50,000+.

Your base compensation will depend on where you live and whether or not you have insurance. 


Your base compensation is not the only surrogate pay you will receive from Circle. You will also receive monthly spending money during your pregnancy, as well as additional benefits such as gifts and insurance, plus payments to cover lost wages, housekeeping, and more. 

We work with each potential surrogate to build the right benefit package for her and her family.

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Our Surrogate Pay & Family
Protection Program

While our primary goal is ensuring you are properly compensated, we also make sure your primary support person and family is cared for, as well. Therefore, they will be paid lost wages for their travel and time commitment.

How our pay & family protection program differs from other agencies:

We do not pay a “flat rate" compensation as this does not account for your individual needs and circumstances. 

We cover all lost wages for your travel companion, as well as post-delivery compensation.

If there is something you feel needs to be compensated for, ask us. We want you to feel cared for and heard throughout your entire journey. 

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Surrogate Pay With Circle Includes the Following:

  • Your base compensation is calculated from factors including where you live, whether or not you have insurance and if you are an experienced surrogate.

  • You will be compensated early on in your journey for completing tasks and milestones. You will also receive financial support for necessities during your pregnancy, such as maternity clothing and housekeeping, and after the pregnancy for pumping and shipping breast milk (if you choose to pump).

  • We know firsthand the journey doesn't end with the baby's birth! You'll continue to receive compensation and support for months after your delivery to help you ease back into “normal life”.

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Surrogacy Benefits, Medical, & Life Insurance

As a surrogate, you will also receive non-monetary benefits, such as medical coverage, social work support, legal counsel, life insurance, and more, which ensure you are protected and have a smooth journey. Your intended parents will cover your medical bills and purchase a life insurance plan. All these benefits are paid for in addition to your surrogate compensation, meaning it does not come out of your payments. You’ll also receive surprise gifts for reaching milestones, and you’ll have access to the welcoming and helpful private Circle surrogate social community. Learn more.

When Are Surrogates Paid?

Surrogates receive compensation pre-pregnancy for signing the contract, undergoing the medical screening, and for the transfer itself. Once the baby’s heartbeat is confirmed – typically around six weeks gestation — base compensation will begin and is paid on the first of every month for nine months. Payments will continue post-delivery, as well. 

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Here Is a Timeline of When You Will Receive Payments:

    • Social Work Screening Advance

    • Signing Advance

    • Medical Screening Advance

    • Medical Clearance to Transfer

    • Transfer Payment

    • Surrogate monthly stipend

    • Transportation and meals for surrogate and primary support person

    • Mileage related to surrogacy journey

    • Childcare or lost wages for surrogate and companion

    • Base compensation payments begin each month for nine months

    • Maternity clothing

    • Housekeeping

    • Monthly payments as noted above

    • Flex spending payments

    • Recovery of lost wages or childcare

    • Family meals

    • Pumping supplies, payments and reimbursement

If you are carrying multiples, a multiples-fee is paid to you over the last five months of your surrogacy. Your surrogate pregnancy is considered viable after 34 weeks for a singleton and 32 weeks for multiples. If you deliver before 40 weeks, you will be given a lump sum for the remaining balance. The remainder of the miscellaneous fees are distributed at various times throughout the pregnancy and will be discussed in your screening.

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Surrogate Base Compensation:

​ $35,000 - $50,000 ($45,000 - $50,000 for CA)

Pre-Pregnancy Payments:


Personal and Home Care Payments:


Childcare, Travel, & Lost Wages:


4th Trimester Self Care Package:


Life Insurance, Complications Insurance & Maternity Insurance:



$55,000 - $70,000+

Surrogate Payment Breakdown

How Much Does It Pay to Be a Surrogate?

Here is an example of what surrogate compensation and benefits could look like. Remember: yours may be different based on your base compensation!

Plus, these additional Benefits, Specific to YOUR Journey

Mock Cycle:


Canceled Cycle:


Invasive Procedure:

+$500 per procedure

Pregnancy Termination or Selective Reduction:


Bed Rest:

varies, no cap





Loss of Reproductive Organs:

+$5,000 partial loss, +$7,500 full loss

For more details on surrogate pay, read this blog post.

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Ready to Earn Surrogate Pay by Helping a Family?

  • Being a surrogate mother will not cost you anything. Your intended parents will pay the fees outlined for you in your screening and agreed upon in the contract. If your current health insurance plan does not cover the cost of surrogacy, your intended parents will purchase a plan for you that does. Learn more in this blog post.

  • Your insurance company (or the surrogate maternity insurance coverage put in place by your intended parents) will pay most of the bills related to your pregnancy and delivery. If there are any additional unexpected costs, your intended parents will cover those costs as well as the IVF medical procedures, expenses, co-payments, and deductibles related to your surrogate pregnancy.

  • Your intended parents will cover any necessary travel expenses for you and your travel companion to their IVF clinic for the screening and transfer, including lost wages or childcare coverage.

  • Surrogates are paid as they achieve specific milestones during the surrogacy journey. If you experience an unforeseen event like a miscarriage during your surrogacy journey, you will be compensated up to that point. Your contract will determine whether or not you and your intended parents will choose to proceed with another embryo transfer in the event of a loss of pregnancy.

  • Yes, your partner – or primary support person – will be paid for lost wages when traveling with you for your medical screening and embryo transfer, as well as being compensated for lost wages after your delivery.

Surrogate Pay FAQs

We prioritize you and your well-being, which includes making sure you receive your payments on time and in full. We have answered common questions about surrogate payments below, and if you have any further questions about being a surrogate in general head to our FAQs or contact us directly.

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