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Circle Surrogacy has a strong surrogate community, made up of experienced gestational carriers who are excited to share their surrogate journeys. Some of our surrogates have done multiple journeys, some have carriers for international intended parents, some have carried twins – each of our experienced carriers brings something wonderful to the table. Our Surrogate Ambassadors provide peer-to-peer communication with women interested in surrogacy, educate women on the details of the surrogacy process and what to expect, and answer any and all questions about surrogate life!

 Our Surrogate Ambassadors are here for you!

Our Surrogate Ambassadors are here for you!

Our Surrogate Ambassador team is comprised of experienced carriers who are open to sharing their surrogacy stories and guiding women on their surrogacy journeys. Whether you are looking to connect to someone who's "been there" – or if you have specific questions about what it's like working with international intended parents or with IPs who wish for twins – our ambassadors are here for you. You can reach out to a Surrogate Ambassador who has an experience you're interested in learning more about by clicking the button below her profile to arrange a time to speak.

Meet our Surrogate Ambassadors

Amanda, 3x surrogate in North Carolina

1 journey with International Intended Parents 1 journey with Local Intended Parents 1 current sibling journey I have been happily married for 11 years and have two beautiful children. We love our family dynamic and have no desire to have any more biological children; however, I truly enjoy pregnancy and wanted to share the gift of family with others. Every journey is a little different and has had different obstacles but there is a moment in delivery that makes it all so very worth it. I am very open with the entire process and love to share my experiences! I'm happy to chat with you about what's it's like matching with international intended parents, the difference in journeys between international and domestic IPs, or even just what's it's like to go through the process! You can email me with the link below, or call/text me: 517.295.3675

Danielle, first-time surrogate in Florida

Hi! My name is Danielle! Becoming a surrogate is a big decision and one I didn’t take lightly. When I was pregnant with my daughter, I was overjoyed. It was such an amazing experience and knowing there were families who couldn’t experience the joy of having their own children, hurt my heart. So, after discussing with my family and upon learning more information from Circle, I decided to help. In giving this amazing gift to someone, I – in return – could gift my family with a home of our own and change our lives. I'm matched with a single intended parent, and I'm happy to share with you what that experience has been like, or what the surrogacy process has been like so far! You can follow my journey on instagram and TikTok: @circlesurrogacyadventure. You can email me with the link below, or call/text me: 850.404.2652

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