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Refer Surrogates, Potentially Earn $11,000 or More

Referral Program Details

Experienced surrogates can earn money for referring friends and family to become surrogates.

When are referral bonuses paid?


If you refer a surrogate applicant to Circle, you’ll receive half of your referral pay when your referral is matched with her IPs and the second half when your referral is medically and legally cleared for transfer.


Each woman you refer to our program, must meet our surrogate requirements. Please make sure your referral lists your name as her referral source on our online surrogate application. 


Once she is accepted for a psychosocial screening, she should let the social worker know who referred her. You can also let your program coordination team know that you have referred someone to our program.

First referral earns: $1,000

Each additional referral earns: $5,000

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