Become a Surrogate in North Carolina

Surrogacy in North Carolina

Interested in becoming a surrogate in North Carolina? You’ve come to the right place. As it currently stands, there are no laws directly governing surrogacy in North Carolina. However, the courts are generally favorable to gestational surrogacy, having had a long history of successful surrogacy arrangements.

Most of the time, the legal work can be completed pre-birth without the need of any party’s attendance in court, making the process simple for both surrogates and intended parents. Post-birth orders are also possible.

The Future of Surrogacy in North Carolina

North Carolina appears to be moving along the same progressive timeline as many other states, recently proposing a favorable surrogacy statute. If passed, gestational surrogacy agreements would be officially recognized by North Carolina: “The consideration, if any, paid to a gestational carrier shall be reasonable and negotiated in good faith between the parties. Compensation may not be conditioned upon the health or characteristics of any fetus, embryo, or child produced as the result of assisted reproduction.”

Medical Coverage and Care

Surrogates in North Carolina have access to quality care at some of the world’s best medical centers, according to U.S. News &World Report's Top-Ranked Hospitals for Gynecology. North Carolina surrogates whose insurance companies don’t cover maternity costs are provided with optimal medical coverage to the pregnancy and delivery by the intended parents. North Carolina surrogates who do have insurance coverage are typically paid a higher surrogate fee.

In addition to some of the top hospitals and medical centers, North Carolina is also home to respected IVF clinics. Circle Surrogacy works frequently with REACH: Reproductive Endocrinology Associates of Charlotte.

Benefits for Surrogates in North Carolina

The first payment is the $500 Expedited Screening Bonus. You are eligible to receive $500 if we receive all required paperwork (including previous Prenatal and Delivery records), medical pre-approval AND you and your primary support person complete your Social Work Screening within 3 weeks of submitting your application. In order to receive this bonus, you must match with intended parents in our program. Of note, this amount is deducted from your base fee, but will be deposited shortly after matching, prior to receiving any other surrogacy payments. Then you receive a $500 advance after you complete your medical screening. Please note, these two payments are deducted from your base fee.

  • Gain an incredible sense of self-fulfillment from giving the greatest gift humanly possible to another family
  • Compensation based on North Carolina residence
  • Gain an incredible sense of self-fulfillment from giving the greatest gift humanly possible to another family
  • Build a life-long relationship with forever grateful intended parents
  • Work with a personal program coordination team and licensed social worker
  • Consult with your legal representation to guide you through the legal process 

Review our surrogate requirements to see if you’re qualified to become a surrogate in North Carolina. 

Family and reproductive law is continually developing and changing. As such, there is no guarantee the information on this website is current or correct. Circle’s in-house legal team and referring attorneys provided the information listed, and it is not intended to be a substitute for an attorney’s legal counsel. In any individual case, you should always confer with an attorney who specializes in this area of law and is licensed to practice in the particular state at hand.

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