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Becoming a Surrogate: The Circle Surrogacy Process

Wondering how to become a surrogate? See what our surrogate process is like and discover the rewarding experience of fulfilling a family's dream.

The application and prescreening process.

Every surrogacy journey with Circle Surrogacy begins with the application and prescreening process. For us, it's vital that we ensure all of our prospective surrogate moms are healthy and fully prepared – mentally, physically and emotionally – for the experience.

More details about the application and prescreening process.

1-2 Weeks

Surrogacy is an extraordinary gift and a life-altering experience. Women who choose to become surrogate mothers do so out of a sincere compassion to help a loving couple or individual have a child. They realize that nothing fulfills a person’s life more than being part of a family. After completing the surrogate application, you'll be given access to our Surrogate Portal. After your application is received and reviewed, if approved, a Surrogate Advisor will reach out to you within 24 hours.

During this time our Medical Records Coordinator will begin requesting your medical records based on information you’ve provided.

The Medical Records review includes, but is not limited to:

  • Previous OBGYN records
  • Labor record and delivery records for each previous pregnancy
  • Recent pap-smear results
  • Any other pertinent medical information

Surrogacy Consultation.

During your surrogacy consultation, you'll be able to interact with a social worker from Circle Surrogacy in a one-on-one Skype/video interview. This gives you the opportunity to ask any questions you might have and confirm that becoming a surrogate is indeed right for you.

More details about the consultation process.

1-2 Weeks

Once the application process is complete, including the prescreening, you'll have an interview with a social worker from Circle. The call will last approximately 2-2 ½ hours. We prefer to have this call take place over Skype, so please be sure that you have a Skype account set up.

Prior to the social work interview, we ask that you identify a primary support person. If you're married or partnered, your significant other will be your support person. If you're single, you'll need to identify an individual who knows you well and is willing to support you throughout a surrogacy journey. Your primary support person must be 21 years or older. Your primary support person’s screening can be done over the phone and will likely last 1-1 ½ hours.

During the social work consultation, the social worker will conduct an in-depth interview with you, examining your motivation to become a surrogate, your support system, your pregnancy history, your family, your interpersonal relationships, your interests and your life experiences.

During the surrogacy consultation, you're encouraged to:

  • Ask questions.
  • Share your expectations. The interview is an opportunity for you to share what you are looking for in a surrogacy journey and with which types of intended parents you're comfortable working with.

Matching considerations.

The journey of a surrogate is naturally special. But at Circle, we try our best to make it truly life-changing by matching you with the intended parents who are most compatible with you. This is a collaborative effort between you, intended parents and a member of our team.

More information about matching considerations.

1 Week-1 Month

Once you've been accepted into our program, you'll work with your PreScreening Coordinator who will help identify the appropriate intended parents match option for you. Circle Surrogacy matches surrogates and intended parent(s) based on three important factors:

  • Appropriate Legal Fit
  • Personality Fit
  • Expectations Surrounding Termination and Selective Reduction

Matching process.

Once we feel confident that we've found the ideal match between you and intended parents, our two-step matching process takes place. In this important stage, surrogates and intended parents are able ask questions and learn more about each other.

More details about the matching process.

1 Week-1 Month

Step One: Profile exchange with intended parents.

Step Two: Skype call with intended parents.

We use a two-step approach to ensure both parties have an opportunity to ask questions and to ensure the match option is a good fit.

Medical screening and legal contract.

If all goes well during the matching process, and both you and the intended parents wish to move forward, you'll begin the legal contracts and make arrangements to attend your medical screening. This is typically a wonderful opportunity to meet your intended parents in person.

More details about medical screening and legal contracts.

If you feel comfortable after meeting with your potential intended parent(s), you'll move into the legal contracts while making arrangements to attend your medical screening. Your medical screening will take place at the IVF clinic of your intended parents' choice. This is usually an overnight trip and a chance for you to see and connect with your intended parents. And before you know it, you'll be a surrogate mother with Circle Surrogacy, making intended parents' dreams come true.

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*All photos on our website are of real families. Thank you for sharing these moments with us.

Everything was so perfect! I’m so very blessed to have been matched with the most amazing IPs and seeing the love and adoration on their faces when they look at their beautiful daughter, makes this journey more than fulfilling! Thank you to everyone on the Circle team for all of your help and support in making this the best journey ever!

I couldn't have asked for a better journey being a first time surrogate. You guys also nailed the personality matching. We are so similar and we've gained life-long friends and we are already planning our trip to Norway to visit the Baby for her first birthday!

"Circle has been absolutely incredible throughout this entire experience. I have never felt so supported and uplifted. Never at any point in this journey did I feel alone or lost in the details. Minette, Dory, Rachel, and the lawyer(s) that worked with me and my intended parents - even the staff at PFCLA - were always available for questions or concerns and were personally attentive and genuine in their care from the very beginning! This journey was nothing short of an adventure and because of Circle's staff and organization I enjoyed every moment of it! My heart is so full :)"

"Working with Circle has made this experience all the more wonderful. Along the entire journey I really felt like I was given an opportunity to meet my intended parents, get to know them and help them expand their family. Having Circle there to work out all of the details along the way made the bonding experience the focus. This adventure has changed my life for the better, and now my husband and I and our son will have life-long extended family living in Chicago. The team at Circle is so wonderful and I am so thankful to all of you for your hard work and dedication to others. You all truly help to make a difference in so many lives. "

My husband and I feel so comfortable moving forward and are happy that we were matched with our intended parents! Thanks again to all the wonderful people at Circle who have answered our questions and spent time talking to us. You really helped my husband and I both feel very comfortable and we look forward to our journey together!

Our journey has been nothing other than amazing. If anyone deserved to be parents, it is definitely this couple. I was matched with a beautiful couple, parenting came so natural to them!