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More Experienced Surrogates Switch to Circle Surrogacy

Circle Surrogacy offers more benefits, best-in-class support and a premium surrogate experience. That's why more women who have done surrogacy journeys with other surrogacy agencies switch to Circle Surrogacy for their return journeys. We're ready to welcome you into the Circle family – apply today to learn more about how the Circle Surrogacy surrogate experiences is the best one you could have!

You'll have the best journey with Circle as an experienced carrier. Here's why:

 Circle Surrogacy is the top agency choice for surrogates

Circle Surrogacy is the top agency choice for surrogates

Circle's experience, passionate team and dedication to ensuring that everyone who comes to us has the best surrogacy journey possible helps to set Circle apart from other agencies.

There's a reason why Circle has been in business since 1995, bringing over 2,600 babies into the world...and counting!

We welcome experienced surrogates who have either done independent journeys or journeys with another agency to join our program. We're happy to support you!

5 Reasons Why Surrogates Switch to Circle Surrogacy

1. Best-in-class support for surrogates

From the moment you apply to become a surrogate with Circle – and even if you just reach out with questions before you apply – our experienced team will take the time to explain what the surrogacy process with Circle is like and what you can expect as a surrogate. Once accepted into the program, you'll meet your Program Coordination team who will guide you on your journey. You will also be partnered with an on-staff social worker who will be by your side for the entirety of your journey, there to answer questions, and available for monthly check-in calls – or even sooner if you need to connect.

2. The Circle Surrogate Promise

Circle is the only agency to offer the Circle Surrogate Promise, to ensure our surrogates are well cared for when it comes to compensation and benefits. Circle Surrogacy promises:

  1. Guaranteed Compensation. Circle Surrogacy financially backs their Intended Parents, so a surrogate’s escrow account is always funded to ensure she is always paid in full and on time.
  2. No medical bill liability. Circle Surrogacy takes on the liability of medical bills. We listened to our past surrogates and their frustrations with medical bills and we’ve made big changes. While we can never stop having you receive medical bills (since you are the “patient”), our new Fixed Cost programs for Intended Parents allow us to protect both the surrogates and the intended parents, and ensure all medical bills will be paid in a timely manner.
  3. $5,000 compensation, even if you leave the program. If you are accepted into our surrogate program and you are medically cleared and matched with intended parents – but you don’t achieve a pregnancy – we will compensate you for your time, energy and dedication thus far in your journey (up to $5,000 total).
  4. Empowerment in birth choices. Not every gestational carrier has the same desires when it comes to the birth of their surro baby. At Circle, our surrogates have choices for her preferred birth options, such as doula care, a hospital birth, or using a birth center with a midwife.
  5. Personalized, small agency feel, with the resources of a large agency. The first person you speak with at Circle will likely be an experienced carrier who guides you through the process until you are matched with intended parents, personally introducing you to your dedicated social worker and journey support team, all of whom are in house at Circle. You’ll always be supported by a Circle employee, who knows all the details about you and your journey (you’ll never have to worry about working with a third party who doesn’t even know your name!) Plus, with our expanded team, we are able to offer support groups, virtual events, one-on-one surrogate mentorship and more.

3. Guaranteed Match in 60 days or less!

Circle Surrogacy has the fastest matching times for surrogates with intended parents of any agency.

When you apply with Circle Surrogacy as a gestational carrier and are ready to match, we guarantee that you will be matched with intended parents in 60 days or less.

The sooner you match, the sooner you can start your journey together!

4. Our Surrogate Pay & Family Protection Program

When you start a journey as a surrogate, you are not on that journey alone; your entire family is on the journey with you. That's why Circle's Surrogate Pay & Family Protection Program not only ensures that our surrogates are taken care of financially and with insurance, but that her family is taken care of as well.

Surrogates will receive compensation and benefits from the very start of their journey, throughout the pregnancy and after the birth. Surrogates' spouse/partner/primary support person will also be cared for and paid lost wages for travel and the delivery.

Our primary goal is ensuring our surrogates receive the compensation they deserve, and their families receive the protection and support they need.

5. A warm and welcoming surrogate community

When you are accepted as a Circle surrogate, you will be invited to join a robust community of experienced carriers – all at different stages of their journeys. You'll have the opportunity to share your journey, get to know other surrogates and ask and answer questions.

In fact, we have surrogates who have developed friendships with other surrogates from this group that last well beyond their surrogacy journeys.

Why experienced gestational surrogates switched to Circle

Experienced gestational carriers choose Circle Surrogacy for their return journeys for a variety of reasons.

Here are just a few:

"I wanted an agency that handled all aspects of the journey, such as legal, travel, etc."

Circle is a full-service agency, that means all aspects of your journey are handled by your Program Coordination Team – who knows all about you and your journey.

"I was looking for a wider variety of intended parents."

Our intended parent matching list is filled with all types of Intended Parents: heterosexual singles and couples, LGBTQIA+ singles and couples, intended parents who reside in the US and across the world. Surrogates at Circle can share their desires for a IP match and we will do our best to find you the best match for your journey.

"More support and better communication."

As a Circle surrogate, you will have full support from your Program Coordination team and your social worker. The benefit of having a small team supporting you is that there will always be someone available to you who knows about you and your journey, and who can answer questions or help you. So even if someone is out of the office, you will have the high-level support you deserve.

"Advocation and support."

It's no secret at Circle that we LOVE our surrogates! We appreciate each and every woman who is helping to make parenthood possible. You have a team on your side to speak on your behalf and ensure that you are comfortable and satisfied with your journey.

 Surrogate mother sharing her surrogacy journey

Frequently Asked Questions from Experienced Carriers

Here are some questions and answers about changing agencies after you complete a journey with another surrogacy agency. If you have further questions, please reach out to us at: [email protected].

"I've been a surrogate with another agency, do I have to apply and go through the entire application process with Circle?"

Yes. All women who come to Circle for a surrogacy journey – even Circle return carriers – are required to fill out an application. Plus, it will give us a chance to get to know you!

"Will I make a higher base fee as an experienced surrogate if my first journey wasn't with Circle?"

Yes! Experienced carriers earn a higher base fee. Please speak with our team about specific details about compensation.

"My first agency was located near where I live, but Circle is not near me. Does that matter?"

Nope! In fact, an agency's location has no bearing on a surrogate's journey since she will never travel to the surrogacy agency. The only travel a surrogate will do is to her intended parents' IVF clinic (usually 2 trips, one for the medical screening and one for the embryo transfer). The rest of a surrogate's appointments will be at a local clinic near where she lives.