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The surrogacy process in Pennsylvania

It's important to understand and prepare for the steps in the surrogacy process as it can be complex at times. Not to worry, the many milestones of the surrogacy process for surrogate mothers and intended parents will lead to the most exciting day: delivery day!

 The process of becoming a parent through surrogacy in Pennsylvania.

The process of becoming a parent through surrogacy in Pennsylvania.

You may choose to undergo your surrogacy journey independently, or with the help of a surrogacy agency. With over two decades of experience, Circle Surrogacy recommends working with an agency to ensure you have the proper support to ensure you have as smooth and safe of a journey as possible.

Surrogacy is a complex and legal process that may be unfamiliar at first. Working with an agency can help you navigate the milestones and events throughout your journey so that you can focus on the most important thing: preparing for the arrival of your baby.

Circle Surrogacy has been helping straight and LGBTQ+ singles and couples from Pennsylvania grow their families through surrogacy and egg donation for almost 25 years. Circle has the highest success rate for intended parents bringing home a baby.

The surrogacy process for intended parents in Pennsylvania

Finding a surrogate & egg donor.

Prior to matching with your surrogate, you'll need to match with your egg donor (if needed). You can search our egg donor database where you'll find bright and ambitious young women who are excited for the opportunity to help you grow your family.

When you have your embryos created, you'll work with your Program Coordinator to find your surrogate match. You'll be encouraged to form a strong bond with the woman who will carry your baby(ies). If you'd like to find a surrogate in Pennsylvania – or another specific state – you can share your preference with our team.

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Matching Parents & Surrogates

Choosing a surrogacy agency.

Not every surrogacy agency is created equally! Finding a surrogacy agency that can support you at every step, that has experience and strong success rates, and who shares your views about your the surrogacy process is key to a successful journey.

Surrogacy laws vary by state, so working with an agency who has lawyers knowledgeable in Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) and surrogacy law is important. They will help you understand the surrogacy laws in Pennsylvania.

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Surrogacy laws in PA
 How do parents start the surrogacy process?

How do parents start the surrogacy process?

Once you've identified surrogacy as the way you'd like to grow your family, and you've selected an agency with which you'd like to meet with, the first step is to schedule a consultation.

A surrogacy consultation is an in-depth meeting (about 2-2 1/2 hours long) with a parent intake consultant and a lawyer. While it may seem like a long meeting, it's designed to allow us to get to know you and your story, as well as talk about surrogacy and the process as it relates to your personal situation. We'll help you understand surrogacy programs and costs, as well.

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 The surrogacy process for surrogate mothers in Pennsylvania

The surrogacy process for surrogate mothers in Pennsylvania

For women looking to become surrogate mothers in Pennsylvania, understanding what surrogacy is, and what the surrogacy process looks like is important.

The surrogacy process can move quickly or slowly, depending on your specific journey. All surrogacy journeys start out the same way: by filling out our surrogacy application. If approved, you'll hear from the Surrogate Intake Team and begin the full application process. Depending on your matching, you may be matched quickly, or it could take a few months.

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As you consider parenthood, you may have questions along the way. Don't worry. With 20+ years of experience, Circle has helped intended parents navigate surrogacy and their journeys to parenthood, and have answered almost every question out there!
How does the matching process work?

Once we have accepted a surrogate applicant into our program, our matching and legal teams determine possible matching options based on a variety of factors, including: the state she lives in, whether she has insurance, and the matching preferences from both intended parents and surrogates.

We will send the redacted profile of the intended parents (with no identifying information) to the surrogate. If she expresses interest, we will send her profile to the intended parents, similarly leaving out all identifying information. Once the surrogate and the prospective parents express a mutual interest, we will put them in touch by telephone, Skype or email so they can begin to get to know each other.

After communicating with each other, the surrogate and the prospective parents meet in person at their mutual convenience: at the surrogate’s home, the intended parents’ home, or some place in between. If the surrogate has children and/or a partner or spouse, the intended parents meet them as well.

An IVF physician medically screens them after a match is made. If for any reason the surrogate doesn’t pass the medical screening (which is rare), Circle Surrogacy presents a new match free of charge.

What is the cost of surrogacy?
The cost for gestational surrogacy ranges depending upon the program chosen (we have a variety of programs to choose from) and whether a donor is needed. The ranges include: all agency fees, attorneys’ fees, screening and surrogate fees, and insurance costs. They do not include IVF costs. To find out the costs of our various programs, please click here.
What does the legal process involve before and after the birth?
Circle’s legal team coordinates with local attorneys to ensure you are properly matched with a surrogate in a state where you can accomplish the necessary legal work to finalize your parental rights. Once you are matched, we negotiate contracts on your behalf. Your surrogate and your egg donor (if needed) will have independent counsel. Depending on a variety of factors, your surrogacy legal work may include a pre-birth order, a voluntary acknowledgement of paternity, a judgment of paternity, a custody orders, or an adoption.
 Testimonials from our parents

Testimonials from our parents

We have a daughter. Because of all of you, we have a family. You’ve guided us to our dream and we are forever grateful. You have warmed our hearts, warmed our souls, and with your lovely blanket gift, warmed our precious baby girl, Pearl Anne. Thank you, with love. - Brian and Matt

We were in good hands with you.Thank you so much for your help on this journey. Our son is awesome. Top on our list of thanks is our surrogate, followed not far behind by you and the rest of the Circle team that helped make this happen. I had both kids on my lap the other day just hanging out and experienced a new kind of 'happy' - down to the core happy. - Greg

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and the team at Circle for making our surrogacy experience truly amazing. We are overjoyed and adjusting to life with our son. Your team's dedication and attention was a testament to the agency's reputation and appreciated by us, our families and our surrogate. - J and C.

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