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Surrogacy Laws in Texas

Texas offers favorable surrogacy law, and excellent medical care and IVF centers in Houston and Dallas. Texas is a great state to live in to be a surrogate mother and intended parent.

 Understanding the surrogacy laws in Texas

Understanding the surrogacy laws in Texas

Texas is one of the few states that have kept up with the scientific advances of assisted reproduction, making it a surrogacy-friendly state.

Circle Surrogacy works with many women from Texas as surrogate mothers, and meets with intended parents interested in surrogacy regularly in person, as well as via video whenever it's convenient for those interested in learning more about becoming parents through surrogacy.

 Intended parents holding their new baby boy via Surrogacy, Silas

Determining parentage in Texas

In Texas, the law governs gestational surrogacy arrangements— making them valid and enforceable— and allows surrogates to receive compensation for their time and services.

Establishing parentage is seamless as Texas surrogates relinquish their parental rights before the baby is even born. Further, intended parents are recognized as the child’s legal parents upon his or her birth certificate. The statute eliminates the need post-birth legal proceedings, such as a post-birth order or second-parent adoption. This generally means surrogates won’t ever appear in court. Even in cases where a post-birth action is warranted (i.e., intended parents have citizenship needs), the surrogates won’t need to appear in court.

Surrogacy in Texas: a great state for surrogacy.

Texas is home to some of the world's best IVF clinics, and many of Circle's intended parents that live in the midwest, travel to Texas to work with top reproductive endocrinologists.

Also, while it's not always the case, Texas surrogate mothers tend to have less need for traveling to IVF clinic appointments if their intended parents are working with a TX IVF clinic.