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Find a surrogate mother in Pennsylvania

Circle works with many surrogate mothers from Pennsylvania, as well as most of the surrounding states. Finding a surrogate mother is an exciting time in your journey. When you work with an agency like Circle Surrogacy, we will find your best surrogate match for your surrogacy journey.

 The first steps to finding a surrogate mother in Pennsylvania.

The first steps to finding a surrogate mother in Pennsylvania.

Your gestational carrier plays the most important role in your surrogacy journey: carrying and caring for your baby until delivery day! As Intended Parents, you should think about what's important to you in your gestational carrier: where she's located, her family life, her lifestyle, etc.

You can also try to envision your relationship with your surrogate and your expectations for your journey.

Circle Surrogacy's Program Coordination Team will use these answers – as well as your geographic location and views on termination – in order to find you the best surrogate match.

 We'll help find your surrogate mother match.

We'll help find your surrogate mother match.

You'll be asked to fill out an intended parent profile that not only allows us to get to know you better, but also helps us find your surrogate match.

In this profile you'll share information such as:

• Who you are as a person
• Your relationship (if you are coupled)
• Your family
• Your hobbies
• Your plans for parenthood
• What brought you to surrogacy

We'll ask that you also share photos of yourself, your loved ones and of anything else that gives a good sense of who you are as people.

We also match Intended Parents based on their preferences on:

• Level of communication with their surrogate during the journey
• Location of the surrogate mother
• Number of embryos to transfer
• Views on selective reduction and termination

3 criteria for finding surrogate mothers in Pennsylvania

1. Appropriate legal fit

In the United States, each state has its own laws regarding surrogacy. In addition, each country we assist has different requirements and laws regarding surrogacy. Therefore, our legal team ensures that the laws of the surrogate’s home state (where the delivery will take place) complement the laws of intended parents' home state/country (including laws around same sex parenting).

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2. Expectations Surrounding Termination and Selective Reduction.

We ask IPs and surrogates their views on termination of a pregnancy as we want to create a match of IPs and surrogates who share similar views. We want to ensure that the views of the surrogate and the views of the intended parents align in the event a situation arises where a reduction or termination is considered. In our experience, many intended parents prefer the option to make the choice of termination.

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3. Personality fit and surrogacy expectations.

Both surrogates and intended parents undergo phone calls or in-person meetings with the Circle team early in the process; these meetings help determine your personality as it relates to surrogacy. We also look at IPs' and surrogates' expectations and hopes for the journey including number of embryos to transfer and communication styles.

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