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Surrogacy Laws in Illinois

Illinois has long been known as a great location to pursue surrogacy (for both surrogates and intended parents). Circle works with many parents from the Chicago, IL area and surrounding cities and towns, as well as surrogate mothers from Illinois and the midwest.

 Favorable surrogacy laws in Illinois

Favorable surrogacy laws in Illinois

Illinois surrogacy law expressly permits gestational surrogacy and has allowed Circle Surrogacy to successfully match surrogates with intended parents for a number of years.

 Intended parents holding their new baby boy via Surrogacy, Silas

Determining parentage in Illinois

Establishing parentage for surrogacy in Illinois is a seamless process for everyone involved as Illinois’s statute permits for bypassing the involvement of a court and filing documents in accordance with the statutory requirements in anticipation of the delivery.

As long as all statutory requirements have been met and all statutory forms have been properly submitted before the delivery to both the delivering hospital and the Illinois Department of Public Health, parentage for the intended parents will be established as of the moment of birth.

Surrogacy in Illionois: a great state for surrogacy.

Illinois is home to a number of excellent IVF clinics, and many of Circle's intended parents that live in the the midwest, travel to Illinois to work with top reproductive endocrinologists.

Plus, the central location allows easy access for Intended Parents from both coasts who are matched with Illinois surrogates.