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Surrogacy Laws in New Jersey

The Garden State has agreeable surrogacy laws for both intended parents and surrogates. If you're looking to become a surrogate mother and you live in Newark, Trenton, or elsewhere in New Jersey, you’re in luck. Circle Surrogacy is the best surrogacy agency with an office right in New York City!

 Understanding the surrogacy laws in New Jersey.

Understanding the surrogacy laws in New Jersey.

Become a surrogate in Newark, Jersey City, and more! All of our attorneys are admitted to practice law in New Jersey. Since 1995, we've helped numerous intended parents and surrogates achieve successful surrogacies in the East and all over the United States.

Circle Surrogacy started working with surrogates in New Jersey in 2018 under the new surrogacy law. If you live in New Jersey and you'd like to apply to become a surrogate, we'd love to work with you!
 Determining parentage in New Jersey

Determining parentage in New Jersey

In 2018, Governor Phil Murphy signed the bill that legalizes gestational surrogacy in the Garden State!

The new surrogacy law, entitled The New Jersey Gestational Carrier Act, recognizes contracts for gestational surrogacy arrangements. The state’s comprehensive law protects the rights of the surrogate, the intended parents and the baby. This will make New Jersey an excellent setting for surrogacy, protecting all of the parties involved.

Because parentage is determined in the state where the surrogate lives, it's safe and secure for intended parents to match with New Jersey surrogate mothers.

Surrogacy in New Jersey: a great state for surrogacy.

With it's favorable surrogacy laws and proximity to first-rate IVF clinics, New Jersey is a great state to become a parent or surrogate mother.

Circle Surrogacy has a surrogacy agency team near New Jersey in New York City, who meets regularly with intended parents interested in growing their families through surrogacy.

If you're thinking about becoming a parent through surrogacy, you can schedule a 15-minute surrogacy chat with Jen, our Tri-State area rep.