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Surrogacy & Egg Donation Resources

Here are a variety of resources for intended parents, surrogates and egg donors about surrogacy and egg donation.

Circle Surrogacy Blog

Circle Surrogacy's blog is filled with information for intended parents, surrogates and egg donors. You'll find posts about the surrogacy process, applying to be a surrogate, intended parent or egg donor, what is expected medically, and more. The blog also features posts from Reproductive Endocrinologists from partner clinics, inspirational stories from members of the infertility community, and personal experiences of surrogates, parents and donors.

Egg Donation Blog

On Circle's Egg Donation Blog you will find content geared towards women considering becoming egg donors, as well as posts for intended parents looking to grow their family through egg donation. This blog shares important information such as requirements to being an egg donor, how to find an egg donor, and the difference between an egg bank and egg donation agency.

Surrogacy Podcast

Circle's Podcast – The Family Circle – features episodes for anyone interested in learning more about surrogacy or egg donation, or the infertility space. The podcast is hosted by Circle Surrogacy staff members, and features guests from organizations such as Gays with Kids and Progyny, as well as personal stories from parents, surrogates and egg donors.

Webinars & Events

Circle Surrogacy hosts many webinars each month focusing on informational topics for intended parents, such as surrogacy costs, how to find a surrogate, the legal side of surrogacy and more. All of our webinars are FREE, and we encourage you to sign up for multiple as you educate yourself about the surrogacy process.

We love events! You'll often find us at some of the big parenthood events around the world, with amazing partners such as Men Having Babies, Resolve New England and more.