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Consultations, Webinars and Events


Circle Surrogacy hosts a variety of webinars each month focusing on informational topics for intended parents, such as surrogacy costs, how to find a surrogate, the legal side of surrogacy and more. 


All of our webinars are free, and we encourage you to sign up for as many webinars that interest you as you educate yourself about the surrogacy process.

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November 28

Parenting Through Surrogacy: Open Q&A with a Social Worker

November 28

Everything YOU Wanted to Know About Surrogacy (But Were Afraid To Ask!)

November 29

Surrogates Tell All - The Birth and Beyond

November 30

Affording Ongoing Surrogacy Payments in the Current Economy

November 30

Comparing Surrogacy Agencies & Costs

December 5

Top 10 Questions YOU Should be Asking a Surrogacy Agency

December 6

Parents Tell All -What Happens After Your Child is Born Via Surrogacy

December 7

Coping with Fertility Struggles during the Holiday Season

December 12

Surrogacy and IVF in New York: The Basics with Guest Speaker NYU Langone Fertility Center

December 12

Exploring Alternative Paths: Choosing Surrogacy Beyond Infertility

December 14

Personal Stories: Three LGBTQIA+ Surrogacy Journeys Explored

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Circle will often host in-person events for our parents and surrogates, or attend larger conferences where we can connect with the parent community.

December 2

Surrogacy in North Carolina: Brunch and Mingle

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December 9

Surrogacy in D.C.: Brunch and Mingle

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We encourage intended parents interested in pursuing surrogacy to schedule a consultation with our experienced team. Our consultations are complimentary, and provide you an opportunity to ask questions about the process or costs and – more importantly – enable us to get to know you, and what brings you to surrogacy.


We offer two types of consultations for intended parents, depending on where they are in the surrogacy process:


  • Pre-consultation – Pre-consultations are roughly 30 minutes to an hour, depending on how many initial questions you have. A Pre-consult will provide a general overview of our program, what makes Circle Surrogacy unique and will help guide those in the beginning stages of exploring family building options. Initial pre-consults are never required if you have decided that surrogacy is the right path for you and you are interested in Circle as an agency. Filling out short form 


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  • Formal Consultation – Formal consultations are roughly 2-2.5 hours in duration and during this time you will meet a process consultant, commonly an experienced Circle Parent, as well as an in-house Circle Attorney. Between the two consultants, you’ll go through high-level details regarding all journey management, cost, insurance and legal details. This is the last and only step required before signing a contract with Circle, but there is never any obligation to do so.


You can request a virtual consultation by completing our Intended Parent Profile.


We also offer in-person consultations in our offices as well.

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Our In-Person Meetings & Upcoming Travel 

When we travel to meet with intended parents, our conversations are private and free, and designed to answer your questions about surrogacy, our process, surrogacy costs and more. We’ll take the time to get to know you, and discuss how surrogacy fits into your plans for parenthood.

December 2

Surrogacy in North Carolina: Brunch and Mingle

December 9

Surrogacy in D.C.: Brunch and Mingle

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