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The Atlantic Cites Circle’s John Weltman in Article on Israel’s Gayby Boom

Apr 04, 2013

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The Atlantic quotes Circle Surrogacy’s President John Weltman in “Forget Marriage Equality; Israeli Gays Want Surrogacy Rights.” The article reports on the surrogacy laws in Israel preventing gay residents from becoming parents through surrogacy. Activists in Tel Aviv, as well as the rest of the nation, seek to make surrogacy their top political priority. In a country where having children is considered one of the most important obligations of the Jewish religion, LGBT residents seek legality and acceptance in parenting more so than in the battle of marriage equality.

Currently, surrogates in Israel must be single, widowed or divorced. Further, only infertile heterosexual couples are allowed to pursue surrogacy. Adoption is out for gay parents, as well. Such restrictions have left many individuals to seek programs overseas. Weltman reveals that a notable percentage of Circle’s clients are from Israel. He has helped more than 50 gay couples from the nation become parents through the agency’s surrogacy process. While such international agencies are available to service and support intended families that live in Israel, there is optimism for the nation’s gay community. Many have hopes that the issue soon reaches the Supreme Court of Israel.