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The Advocate magazine profiles Circle Surrogacy couple

Sep 06, 2012

NBC's newest fall sitcom, The New Normal, marks a television milestone for LGBT families. The show tells the story of a gay couple who pursue their dreams of parenthood through surrogacy. And it has everyone talking.

In advance of its premiere on September 11th, The Advocate magazine turned to a Circle Surrogacy couple for insight into what surrogacy really looks like for gay couples:

"Rich Palermo, 39, and Steve Mazza, 40, of New York City, consider themselves lucky. 'Our egg donor was the first woman we looked at on Circle Surrogacy's site, and we loved her from the first minute we Skyped with her,' said Palermo. The egg donor passed all her tests and produced a ton of eggs. Same thing happened with the surrogate — 'she's the first woman presented to us by Circle, and there have been absolutely no problems, medical or otherwise,”'said Palermo."

You can read the full article here.