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Redbook Article features Circle, Highlights Role of Surrogates’ Husbands

Jun 01, 2012

In its June issue, Redbook magazine tells the story of Circle surrogate Dawn Wallace and her husband Jeremy. The article focuses on the role that many men are playing in helping families grow, as husbands of gestational surrogates. These are “some of the most remarkable men you will ever meet,” says Circle Surrogacy’s John Weltman.

Having a committed support person who can provide emotional support, assist around the house, and even help with hormonal injections is crucial to a successful surrogacy journey. Surrogacy agencies need to make sure they have the consent and support of surrogates’ husbands, Weltman says, noting the importance of their involvement in the process.

And there is a difference between help and full support, Dawn says, noting that Jeremy was fully on board with everything. After meeting their intended parents, a gay couple from Israel, for the first time, he told his wife: “We have two people here who really want a baby, and we can give it to them. Let’s do it.”

The Wallaces’ story highlights the importance of open and honest relationships — the hallmarks of a successful gestational surrogacy journey. Gestational surrogates and their husbands need to be equally committed to the project of helping another family grow. “I’ve heard extraordinary stories of men who have literally saved the day,” Weltman says. “He has to be in it.”

“My wife was a surrogate” can be found in the June 2012 issue of Redbook, on magazine stands now.