How much does a surrogate get paid? Circle featured in Yahoo Finance

Jan 25, 2019

Surrogate pay, and surrogacy costs, are often the first questions asked by women interested in becoming a surrogate, and parents who are interested in growing their families through surrogacy.

Sam Hyde, Circle Surrogacy's President, explains the costs of surrogacy:

“Surrogacy is a journey in which there are a lot of different costs for a lot of different people,” says Sam Hyde, president of Circle Surrogacy in Boston, Massachusetts.

He breaks down the total cost of surrogacy like this:

Parents can expect surrogacy costs to total $140,000 - $150,000 for a couple creating embryos, considering the surrogate mother gets pregnant on her first round of IVF treatment.

So how much does a surrogate mother make?

From the surrogacy costs outlines above, surrogate mother pay usually falls around $45,000. The exact amount of compensation depends on three main factors: geographic location, surrogate experience, and insurance.

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