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John Weltman Offers Insight to Reuters on Growth of Surrogacy

Mar 18, 2013

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The rise of surrogate pregnancies in recent years may have its roots in growing societal acceptance and an evolving legal framework, according to John Weltman, in a recent Reuters article on surrogacy. "You have a legal setting that is much more secure," Circle Surrogacy's president and founder told the news agency. "On top of that, numbers of people have come out about their surrogacies, people like Kelsey Grammer, like Elton John, like Sarah Jessica Parker."

Circle Surrogacy, "one of the longest-running U.S. agencies matching so-called intended parents to suitable surrogates" has grown tremendously in recent years, the article noted. In the midst of the growth, Circle has maintained its rigorous screening of surrogates and parents, to ensure that both are prepared for the process ahead.

Via Reuters