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John Weighs in on 'The New Normal" on

Sep 11, 2012


NBC has brought gay parenting into the prime time. In a post contributed to gay interest blog Towleroad, Circle President John Weltman offers his comments on The New Normal, the new sitcom about a gay couple's journey to become parents through surrogacy:

"Those who choose surrogacy do so because they want, more than anything, to have a child. Whether they are an infertile straight couple, or a gay couple who have gathered resources for years, there is no question that surrogacy is not something you take lightly. When contrasted with the way generations of parents in Goldie’s family have had children by accident, those who pursue surrogacy for the right reasons will make some of the best parents—in part because it requires such careful thought and planning."


"Again, it’s a sitcom and it relies on tired humor. In doing so, however, it dehumanizes surrogacy and egg donation. Let’s set the record straight. The process by which surrogates, egg donors, and intended parents choose to work together occurs after meticulous consideration of a variety of factors."

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