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Irish Times Letter to the Editor: Surrogacy and ‘gestational carriers’

Mar 31, 2014

Brenda O’Brien’s Op-Ed “Surrogacy Splits Motherhood into Bits” published on March 23 addresses the surrogacy segment featured on the RTE’s Prime Time, which aired in March 2014. Dean Hutchison, Director of Legal Services at Circle Surrogacy, had the privilege to represent our agency and clarify legal issues regarding surrogacy in the United States during his debate with Ms. O’Brien.

In the below article, Dean Hutchison addresses some of O'Brien's inaccuracies as well as presents another viewpoint on what seems to be a one-sided argument.

Surrogates have been referred to as gestational carriers for the past 20 years. It is the legal term that was used by the first court to distinguish traditional surrogates, who relinquished their own genetic child, from women who were merely carrying the child of another. The term is the proper one in the US, and the only type of surrogacy that is permitted in most US states.

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