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In Sydney Morning Herald Article, Weltman Offers Advice to Australian Gov't: "Snap Out of It"

Aug 17, 2014

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The Sydney Morning Herald, Australia's oldest continuously operating newspaper, called upon Circle's President and Founder, John Weltman, for his surrogacy expertise in a recent article on surrogacy "down under" and Australians who pursue surrogacy abroad.
John condemned the country's bans on compensated surrogacy as well as the prohibitions of several Australian states, which make it illegal to seek this service abroad.
"You don't do what some other set of people say you should do." John told the Australian daily. "You do what is right. People who are at 25, sad recipients of cervical or ovarian cancer, or are born gay and want to have children who will be amongst the most wonderful parents in the world … it's not fair to stop those people. It's like a prejudice against infertility or prejudice against gay people."
John's advice for the Australian government?
"Snap out of it. From my perspective, you are ignoring reality, you are not thinking about what this is really motivated by. You are not informed. You are dealing from a prejudiced perspective.
You can read the full article here.